Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Top Six reasons for slow pc problems

A slow PC is the biggest hurdle for almost all PC users. While performing any essential task if a PC goes down or just crawls it becomes very difficult for us to complete the task and a great frustration may appear within you. It can be occurred due to many reasons such as any hardware fault, any system related issues, due to corrupt windows registry and many other similar issues.

The slow PC phenomenon can occur with even a brand new PC due to certain reasons. To avoid any such situation you must keep on perform a regular PC check and ensure that your system does not have or affected with any such factor that can kill the speed and performance of the computer drastically.

Now it is important to know what all factors can cause the performance delay or slow PC problem often. Some of the major factors are as follows.

A corrupt windows registry

A corrupt Windows registry is one of the major factors that can cause not only slow PC issue but many other ill effects in your computer. It can affect your whole computer system and you might face numerous issues pertaining to the performance and speed. There are various factors that affect your windows registry can make it corrupt. The best solution for elimination all registry problems and make it better is to run a reliable and effective registry cleaner utility which really can clean and repair your corrupt and damaged registry.

Hardware failure/ fault

Behind the poor performance and slow PC issue the poor, inefficient and faulty hardware components are also responsible in your machine. The only and best solution for any hardware related fault is to remove and attach new working hardware components.

Corrupt operating system

A corrupt OS can also make your PC run slow. To repair a corrupt OS is to use either a Windows file checker utility which is by default built in any all the Windows PCs and can repair all the corrupt OS files. The alternate for this is to repair your OS with original Windows CD or if does not help finally reinstall your windows.

Low or insufficient RAM

RAM works as a main memory for your Windows and to a great extent responsible for the performance and speed of your computer. Apart from the hardware and registry problems the RAM plays an important role in performance of your system and if it is not sufficient you might face issues such as slow pc and poor performance.

Too many programs installed in your computer

Many PC users have a tendency to download and install many software programs and after using them in once twice or for couple of times and then forget about them. These programs occupy memory space in your hard drive and consume system resources which can reduce your system’s speed and response time and resulting in the slow pc problem. So removing these unwanted programs save system resources and hard drive space which can contribute in speeding up your PC.

Do not use too many security software

Security software usually is in huge in size so occupy great space in your system and consume lot of system and CPU resources. They also conflict with each other many times so beware of this and do not use too many security programs such as antivirus, firewall and other security software. Better to use a good registry cleaner.

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