Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How to fix windows registry problems

Windows registry is a crucial part of your PC's operation system. Windows registry will become bloated and will cause the slow computer performance if not cleaned on a regular basis. Registry problems can get hairy fast, leading to blue screens and persistent system crashes. Registry problems are surprisingly easy and fast to clear up, as long as you know where to look. Errors can occur in Windows Media Player due to outdated files, missing or corrupt DLL files and incorrect registry entries.

If you have been working with your computer for a while, you are probably to run into Windows Registry problems. The computer registry is primarily the central database of your computer; prompt action can save you a crashed computer. Some typical signs or symptoms to look for are: a slowdown in speed when you boot the computer or shutting down your system, a sluggish or frequently freezing computer, and encountering system errors without having reason.

Before making any changes or modifying your Registry, take a backup of your Registry somewhere in your hard drive. This is an important step as you will be omitting a few of the regular safety measures whilst attempting to repair the errors, and really should anything fail, you still have a functional copy of your essential data files to bring back your system. Among the simplest back-up methods in Windows 7 along with other versions is to take System Restore snapshots which permit you to move back again your computer to settings at a certain point of time. If you are planning to make modifications only to particular branch with the computer registry, you can back-up by exporting just that potion from the computer registry. A far more difficult but strongly suggested substitute is to take a backup of your whole registry in a.reg file with the help of the Utility accessible in all Windows versions.

A computer registry cleaner may be accomplished possibly by hand or with software package. It is possible to opt to manually detect and delete files causing your registry to choke but do it with careful attention for deleting important files by accident could make your whole program crash. A better method is to simply purchase some software to help you scan your registry files and deal with the problem files. If you would like to create the modifications personally, abide by these steps for Windows XP:

Select Start and Run

Type "regedit" thus hitting OK

Within the now open Registry Window, locate the subkey for editing by navigating down to it .

Reset the subkey value as desired

Restart your machine with the modifications to adopt outcome

The Registry is really a crucial portion of your machine and should be handled meticulously. Don't remove anything at all if you aren't certain and don't make an effort to modify the computer registry manually unless of course there isn't any other course accessible to you. If at any time, you're unclear about what you're doing, quit and seek advice from an expert.

A great computer registry cleaner can be extremely important for any computer. The registry functions just like a database that stores every change you create for software and hardware inside your computer. By doing this, the computer registry usually stocks and shares up unimportant information. At some point it even stores Trojan and malware. To repair this issue, we have to keep your computer registry neat and safe. Nevertheless, the computer registry is very sensitive and securing it yourself is not recommended as it can certainly wind up mashing the computer. A registry fixer is much more trustworthy for this type of activity as it includes pre-programmed criteria to identify the only real dangerous and unneeded files in addition to smart back-up system that may recover previous settings if something wrong happens.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How to get rid of a slow computer problem

Slow computer can be very frustrating. Slow computer can be troublesome especially when you need to meet a deadline. Many factors can affect and slow down your computer. Windows corrupt registry is one of the most important reasons among the slow computer causes. Registry is the place where a computer stores details of its hardware configuration and software installations. Registry is so frequently used that it may become prone to errors.

Computers can also become slow due to infection and infestation by adware, spyware, viruses, and worms. Computers can seem to run slow for many reasons. Computers are exposed to many types of risky files that can gain access to and corrupt even the best computers. Computers systems are designed to be fast, and most new computers are much faster than the ones they replace. System is uncluttered, and it works unhindered to fulfill all your computing requirements.

Windows is a nice intuitive operating system, but after some time it tends to get slow. Windows has a disk defragmenter tool incorporated in the operating system. Program is for XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. Windows can increase computer speed by using the virtual memory instead of RAM when processing application commands.

Some important facts about the slow computer issue.

Slow computer solutions come in many different shapes and sizes, and they tackle many different problems.

Slow computer can be a symptom of Spyware infection or bloated configuration or both.

This could include slow boot time, sluggishness when surfing the Net, or high activity on your network.

Slow computer solutions recommend you perform regular maintenance on your registry.

A slow computer would be the death knell of people who need to get things done fast to increase their business profit, or to finish the jobs entrusted to them by their boss.

A slow computer is usually caused by a lack of updates or a lack of maintenance. A slow computer is indeed annoyed, especially when people are working or doing some important things.

A slow computer can be irritating especially when it takes ages to upload a website. A slow computer is one of the most bothersome and annoying situations to sit through, causing decreased productivity and plenty of frustration.

A proper maintenance task is required all the time to get a speed PC. If you are running important PC repair tasks and performing important windows tweaks and tools there are very less chances that your computer will be slow down.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

How to fix a slow computer difficulty

A computer can be slow down due to many reasons. Few of the important factors are a virus infection, a corrupt OS, incompatible hardware and drivers installed in the computer, low memory and many more. However the slow computer speed can be increased if you ensure few of the important factors.

A Slow computer can be optimized with some important steps and Windows tweaks and tools. Some of the major tasks or points are mentioned below.

Run Windows disk defrag utility

A fragmented hard drive can cause a slow computer problem in your system. If your hard drive is fragmented it slows down the data accessing speed. Use the windows disk defragment tool to defrag the hard drive and speed up the data accessing speed.

Run Disk Cleanup

Over time windows accumulates many temporary data which was used sometime for performing any process or while executing any operation. If this temporary and unwanted data is huge it can create issues like slow computer.

Run this Disk cleanup tool to clean all the temporary and unneeded data from your hard drive and make some space available for your system’s drive. It certainly helps to maintain and optimize your computer’s performance and speed.

Run Windows file checker utility

File checker is one of the most wonderful PC repair tool I loved always. This utility has the capability to scan, detect and repair the corrupt and damaged windows files. This is very easy to use; you just need to go to the command prompt and type there sfc /scannow and press enter. The process may take several minutes to finish.

Run updated antivirus programs

Computer viruses and other malware are the biggest sources of a slow computer problem. A virus can cause a computer run slow and slower gradually. To remove viruses and other computer infections you need to use the most updated antivirus program always. An outdated antivirus or other security program do not help much because every day a new infection can appear online and the outdated software usually does not able to combat with the newer malwares.

Replace any broken/incompatible and faulty hardware components

The hardware is the body of any computer system. If the hardware parts are not in working state and if they are broken, faulty or incompatible they can create many issues such as slow computer, freezing , unexpected shutdown and lots more. To avoid this you must replace the affected hardware with the good and working piece of hardware.

Remove corrupt drivers and replace with latest driver set

Corrupt and incompatible drivers cause also cause the slow computer and other issues such as blue screen of death, freezing problems. Remove such drivers from the PC and reinstall the latest driver set.

Increase your RAM

RAM or random access memory is the main memory of your computer. If all is OK in the system and still the computer remains slow, I recommend increasing the RAM or using an additional RAM with your existing one. Remember the RAM is one of the most important hardware that can severely affect your system performance.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Why my computer is so slow?

A slow computer can be caused due to many reasons. Some of the important are low RAM, poor hardware, computer virus, corrupt Windows registry and many more factors can cause the problem. Despite of any reason we need to know how to improve the performance of a slow computer.

Some of the most important causes of a slow computer are following below:

Computer Virus- Virus is first and foremost reason behind a slow computer. Virus not only generates slow PC issue but also produce more than a few such problems like freezing of a computer, blue screen of death, unexpected shutting down of a PC etc. Running a good and most updated antivirus program is the best solution to remove all kinds of infections from your computer. Most of the time it works fine and remove the infected part of your computer. There may be certain occasions where an antivirus is ineffective. In such cases we need to remove a virus manually.

Low Random access memory- RAM or random access memory is also the most prominent reason if your computer is performing slowly. Increase the RAM or use an additional Ram with your existing RAM.

Too many unwanted programs installed in the PC- Did you ever download installed and use a software program once or twice and forget about it. If countless programs particularly when you are not using them are installed in the PC they also form many problems such as occupying unnecessary space, and using CPU conflicting with each other etc. Uninstall if they are not wanted now.

Hardware fault or incompatible hardware- Any hardware fault can also cause slow computer issue for you. If you are with hardware that is not compatible for the requirement of the application or an OS running on them, in such cases a PC becomes slow. Use the updated or at least it is required by the programs is running in the PC.

Corrupt Windows registry- A corrupt windows registry can also cause a slow computer and many other issues in your computer. If your registry is corrupt/ bloated you cannot expect a good and speedy system. Editing registry manually is very tedious task and involves many risks. However you may use a good registry cleaner program to clean out your windows registry.

Badly Fragmented Hard Drive – If your hard drive is very fragmented it also affects your PC’s normal functionality and makes it slow. Defrag your drive after an interval.

Low disk space- If there is very less space or no space available in your hard drive it can affect your computer’s overall performance and functionality. Less than 20% of space in your hard drive can cause the slow computer problem.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How to keep you computer in shape

Computer is the most complex but the most useful machine as well. We cannot imagine life without a computer today. To keep your computer in shape always is a big and difficult task due to numerous factors and reasons. If you do not maintain or perform some essential steps to keep the computer run faster, eventually the computer may slow down in performance. There are various factors that can affect your computer’s performance and functionalities. Some of the important factors are as follows:

Computer virus

There many kinds of computer viruses such as Trojan, spyware, worm, and other malwares. They all are capable to harm your computer to any extent. Virus can produce many ill effects in your computer such as a slow computer, computer freezing, blue screen and lots more consequences.

An updated antivirus program is the ultimate solution for this issue. Do not run outdated and old security software rather use the latest updated one.

Windows corrupt registry

Registry is the heart of windows operating system. It keeps record of all the changes in your windows. It stores all the relevant information about hardware, software, drivers of your OS. A registry may get affected when you install or when you uninstall any program from your computer. Some of the leftovers remain in the registry and they create many issues such as freezing, blue screen, slow computer and lot more.

Thus repairing the corrupt and affected registry is necessary essential task in order to keep your computer in shape. You may use a reliable and good registry cleaner program to clean the corrupt registry.

Corrupt and incompatible device drivers

A corrupt and incompatible driver set can cause many issues in your computer. A blue screen of death is very common among these problems that can be created by an incompatible driver. Uninstall and reinstall the corrupt drivers is the best solution for this issue. You may install the latest drivers directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Too many programs/ software

Among the factors that can affect your computer’s performance, “installing too many programs especially many security programs “also affect your system’s overall performance. Try reducing as less as possible programs and keep the essential one only. If your computer is filled with too many programs you certainly may experience the slow computer issue after some time.

Also old and outdated security programs consume lots of system resources and hard drive space. This reduces the speed of your computer. Remove all such programs from your computer and help it to run faster.

If you follow the above recommendations I am sure your computer will never behave abnormal rather it will run with a great pace all the time.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Types of Viruses and their impacts

A computer virus is in fact a computer program which is very identical to your other application programs but smaller in size and mainly developed by a computer programmer to damage your computer and its data in anyway. The biggest feature or characteristic of a computer virus is-it can replicate the similar programs once it gets into your system. Apart from data loss and other damages a virus is capable to produce many ill effects in your computer such as slow computer, computer freezing unexpected shutdown, blue screen of death, automatic restart and many more.

Types of Viruses

  1. Boot sector virus- As the name indicates it affects master boot record,” and which is the first sector on a partitioned storage device. The virus was very popular in floppy days.

  2. Direct Action virus- This type of virus, unlike most, only comes into action when the file containing the virus is executed.
  3. Most viruses do not use the direct action method of reproduction simply because it is not prolific. The most popular example in the past of this virus was Vienna virus, which briefly threatened computers in 1988.
  4. Browser hijacker- This kind of virus attacks your browsers most often. It can cause many abnormal behavior of your browser such as it redirects you to some other web pages, the browser becomes very slow, you may also experience a slow computer issue sometime. CoolWebSearch may be the most well known example, but others are nearly as common.
  5. Macro virus- Macro viruses are the viruses that use other application's macro programming language to reproduce themselves. They infect documents such as MS Word and MS Excel and are typically spread to other similar documents.
  6. File Infector Virus- File infector viruses are programmed in a way so that they will attach themselves to exe files, compressed files such as zip files and driver files. They start executing when the files where they are hidden. Then after the virus is set into motion it will attach itself to other programs and system files and start along its intended path for which it was written.
  7. Multipartite Virus- These viruses enter the computer through various types of media and then push in themselves in the system memory. They then go into the hard disk drive and infect the all the boot sectors. When they reach into the boot sectors these viruses infect executable files and spread themselves in the entire system.
  8. Polymorphic virus- The biggest feature of polymorphic virus is that it changes it's digital signature every time it replicates. This is the reason most of the security programs such as antivirus cannot detect and remove it from your computer. This may also infect the windows registry and you may need a registry repair to remove it.
  9. Resident Virus- A resident virus is the program which resides inside the computer’s memory and from where it reproduces itself towards all other area of the machine.
  10. All the above mentioned viruses can cause many issues in your computer including slow computer, computer freezing, unexpected shutdown and many more. The official solution for removing all types of viruses is to run an updated antivirus and antispyware programs.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Important causes of a slow computer

I have been writing, researching and experimenting regarding the slow computer issue for couple of years now. While operating and fixing many PCs so far I have also experienced that in majority of the slow computer problems (approx 99% cases) the common factors such as hardware, insufficient RAM ,infections in the computer, corrupt drivers and few more cause the issue.

A computer can be affected by number of factors such as poor hardware, low memory, corrupt OS, computer and lot more. Some of the most important factors or causes that very often affect a computer’s performance and speed are as follows.

Hardware fault or insufficient hardware

A damaged, corrupted or sometime incompatible hardware component affects the whole system’s performance and speed. Make sure that all the hardware components you are using in your computer are in working state and sufficient enough i.e. as per the requirement specified for the applications and OS you are running on the hardware.

Low memory

Physical memory or RAM is one of the most essential requirements of any computer system. If your computer does not have the sufficient RAM you cannot imagine a good and speedy PC. When you ever experience a slow computer issue at the first place you need to make sure if the RAM you have installed is sufficient or not.

Low hard disk drive space

In order to obtain the maximum output or speed and performance your computer should have sufficient hard drive space so that it can operate properly and can swap the files and data across. If you’ve less than 20% of hard drive space left in your computer you may experience the slow computer issue every now and then.

Computer virus and many other infections

Various kinds of infections such as virus, spyware, worm, Trojan horse and many more can affect your computer in many ways. If you are experiencing a slow computer, poor performance computer freezes randomly, slow boot etc so there are high chances that your computer is infected with a virus or any other malicious entry.

Run an updated antivirus and other security program to eliminate all such infectious item from your pc.

Too many unwanted programs

Too many programs in your computer occupy unnecessary space and consume lot of system resources. Removing unwanted programs make your computer burden free and also release valuable system resources and hard drive space.

Corrupt OS files

Corrupt OS files can also cause a slow computer issue in your machine. A virus can also corrupt your OS files.

Corrupt Windows registry

Windows registry is the heart of your computer. It stores all the relevant and important information about the OS, about the attached hardware and all other components. Thus if the registry gets corrupt it affect the whole computer’s performance. A good and reliable registry cleaner program can help to repair and clean bloated registry.

These were the very basic and most essential factors that usually affect a computer and are capable to make your computer run slow. If you have ensured all the above factors and still you experience the performance or slow computer issue with your computer you need to go for advance troubleshooting steps or you need to reinstall your Windows.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How to speed up your computer

A computer has numerous issues within it. Some of the issues are very important and we cannot ignore them at all. Slow computer
or poor performance is one of the same issues. The major reason behind a slow computer is corrupt windows registry. The corrupt registry needs to be repaired as soon as possible basis.

The best way to increase your computer's speed and performance is by to perform a regular computer maintenance task. Now this is important to know what you can include in a regular maintenance task. This maintenance includes regularly planned PC checkup and PC repair and updates as well as periodically cleaning the Windows registry. This is an un-doubtable fact that registry maintenance is an important task in improving a computers performance.

A registry gets corrupted usually in 3 ways. First when you install any unsafe program, second when you uninstall any program from your computer and third a computer virus or other malware can corrupt your registry. The purpose of a registry cleaner program is to occasionally scan your computer's registry in order to identify and fix any existing problem. There are two main methods to clean your corrupt registry. The first is to clean the registry manually with registry editor and the second is to use registry cleaner utility to clean the bloated registry. It is strictly recommended that you use registry software if you are not sure of how to manually clean your computer's registry. There are a number of cleaner programs available to remove unnecessary entries from your computer's registry.

A registry cleaner program can be scheduled on weekly basis. However the selection of a registry cleaner program is very difficult task as you will find there are lots of such programs available online and most of them just claim to be the best registry cleaner but in fact they are not worth to be used in a computer. So beware of this fact before using any unreliable registry tool.

In order to maintain the effectiveness and competence of your computer it is suggested that you keep at least one good and trustable registry cleaner software on hand in case of any eventualities. The selection of a registry program is indeed a challenging task and you need to be very decisive when choosing the program. Read the reviews and user manual and other user documents so that you can get an idea before running the utility in your computer.

You need to verify extreme caution when deciding on free registry software because there are unscrupulous people who will create harmful programs masquerading as registry maintenance programs. It is therefore advised that choose the most appropriate registry cleaner software which would be widely accepted and has enough good revives as well.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How to fix google redirect trojan

Computer viruses are well known to the computer users. There are many kinds of computer viruses and other infectious items online that can damage your computer to any extent and can create issues such as a slow computer, freezing, blue screen and many other system errors. From time to time you might have heard about the various viruses and infectious programs. A new category has added with the series nowadays and which is Google Redirect virus.

Google redirect virus has become a big headache for computer users nowadays. You may find every 4th computer has infected with this infection. Basically it does not damage much but just redirect you to some other search tool whenever you type in your browser. The hackers have designed the browser virus and these viruses cannot be easily killed by the traditional type of antivirus software. The virus actually changes the default search engine from Google or from any other search engine to its designed one. There are many such WebPages that should not be visited by any user as they are considered as infectious WebPages. Sometimes these Trojan viruses will take you to the risky websites.

May Internet browsers are infected with the Google redirect Trojan. For a complete pc repair and removing these viruses from the browser there are different types of tools available. It is necessary essential to kill the Google Redirect Virus from your computer especially when the spyware and malware from the redirected websites start damaging your computer. There are a variety of other tools for eliminating the Google redirect virus from your computer. Some tools or software are really very helpful to remove this virus from your computer and can protect your browser from this virus program. The Google redirect Virus has the capability to create other issues as well such as a slow computer problem.

We suggest using only well-known antimalware utilities to remove this infection. With the trusted antimalware you can run a scan on your computer and the Google redirect virus will be identified if it is on your computer. There are many good and reliable antimalware programs that are capable to remove the infection from your computer and can also prevent its future prospects as well. One of the best examples of such antimalware is Malwarebyte. It is indeed trustworthy software.

There are certain guidelines if you find that you are being redirected towards another search engine or to some risky WebPages.

Verify if the Internet Explorer is not using any Proxy server.

You must check the network settings to verify the DNS Resolver configuration.

Windows HOST in your computer should be free from any virus infection.

You may also try to remove the virus from your computer manually but, you must know what you are doing and be careful because sometimes an incorrect deletion of a right entry can create more issues instead of correcting it. A very simple way is to go to the option settings of your browser and change the redirect page address with your own search engine address; however this does not remove the virus completely from your computer. This is why it is suggested using any software program instead of removing it manually. Also an effective antimalware program can prevent the virus from being infected in near future.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Why you windows need a registry cleaner

A registry in all Windows systems is an essential and integrated database system which stores all the relevant information about the hardware and software you have installed in your computer. It stores all these information in form of keys and hexadecimal values. If a small incorrect change takes place in the registry it can affect the corresponding component in the computer.

There are lots of factors or means by which the registry may get affected or corrupt. The important are as follows:

  • When you install any application
  • When you uninstall a program from your computer some of the remnants remain in the registry and eventually they create issues and may corrupt the other important registry entries.
  • A virus and other malware can affect or they have the capability to change many registry values.

Eventually these elements start to take up a lot of space and cause your whole computer to suffer through:

Blue screen errors

Slowed down loading times

Unnecessary reboots

DLL and ActiveX pop up errors

Reduced startup speed

And of course resulting in a slow computer problem during the working sessions

Thus it is important to protect your registry so that your computer may run smoothly and speedily. To repair the Windows registry it is not advised to change or remove any value manually but you should use a good and trustable registry cleaner program. A registry leaner program is capable to scan and fix all the invalid entries safely and it enhances the performance and speed of your computer. This is why you may need good registry cleaner software to clean your computer.

How Can I correct a corrupt Windows Registry?

Though you can use windows built in system tweaks and tools to clean up your computer and radically reduce the effects of the messy registry. Nevertheless the Windows doesn't have a registry cleaner tool that is specifically designed for the job of removing these file paths and corrupted data. Windows has many useful tools and features that can help you to protect and clean your bloated registry and I would recommend that you use them at least once every month, just to keep on top of the organization process. Use them even more if you are really having issues with your computer registry. One of the most beautiful utilities in almost all the Windows systems is Windows file checker utility.

Use Scandisk - This tool searches your system for potential errors. It will then try to correct them. This is best used in conjunction with antivirus software and shouldn't be the only way to try to remove issues in the system.

What Is The Best Registry Cleaner?

Now if you require the software that is specifically designed to meet your requirements that is to repair and clean corrupt and damaged registry, then you need to try registry cleaner program software. However I would not suggest going for any such registry software without any prior knowledge. The best practice or method is to use a free trial for some time and observe the results of the software and eventually you may buy it if you find it’s best suitable for your computer. This can save you a lot of time, reduce the risk of deleting important data, files and folders manually and can also heal corrupted software.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How to choose the best registry cleaner software

The registry can be corrupted by various means and factors some of the major factors are- if you install any new application in your computer your registry may be affected, also while uninstalling a program from the computer the registry may get affected as some of the leftovers remain in the system and they create many issues such as a slow computer, freezing, blue screen of death, many system related error messages and it can affect the whole system.

If you are also experiencing the similar issues with your computer you may need to repair and clean your registry. A bloated registry can affect your computer to any extent and even can bring your computer to a non operable state as well.

Editing a registry manually is not recommended at all unless you are 100% sure about the value or keys you are going to modify. However fortunately we can sue an alternative way to repair and clean the Windows registry with the help of a trustable and effective registry cleaner program. Nevertheless choosing the most appropriate product to repair your registry is extremely difficult and important task always. It is because if you choose a software product which is not able to repair the registry rather it creates other issues then your computer might come under serious danger. I have revived, tested and personally run many times almost all the registry cleaner and found some trustable products. The few are mentioned below.

Registry EasyLink

Registry Easy is certainly a reliable registry cleaner and stand-up product. The look and feel of the software is user-friendly and their scanning features are great. The scanning process does not move very slow and found many more issues than the rest of similar products. If you are experiencing the slow computer, computer freezing, blue screens and many other system related issues, Registry Easy is a good option and it is capable to fix the registry issues.


Regclean is also a trustable software piece and can satisfy your computer most of the time. It scans smoothly and detects almost all the registry issues and is capable to fix them. The product has many facets in it that can be used to optimize your computer. A reliable backup system can also be found in the program which can be used incase anything goes wrong.

PC Doc Pro

PC Doc Pro is also one of the most reliable and effective registry cleaner product. It has included many tools and tweaks within the program and is really capable to speed up your computer. The best thing which I have found about the PC Doc Pro is- it is very powerful product and can solve not only the registry related issues but it fixes many startup, and corrupt system files. Also the program provides a great PC support for product and for other PC related issues.


RegistryBot is a user-friendly registry repair product. If I compare with the previous registry products it seems to be little lesser in efficiency and I found it as a traditional registry cleaner tool. While testing the software it has scanned less number of registry items. Yet you can trust the program and can be used smoothly.


RegCure is a very simple and easy to use PC utility. User friendly interface does not take much time to install and takes hardly 4 minutes to scan your computer. However a small drawback you may experience with the product is that you are unable to use the computer as it processes.

On the basis of the above analysis you may think of a good, effective and trustable registry cleaner tool now. If you want to read more about the programs you may read the user manuals and other user work products about the products.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How to make your Internet connection run faster

Your Internet connection can be affected or down due to many reasons. Some of the important are a virus or any other malware infection, too many internet temporary files, the Internet browser itself; a firewall may also block the speed of the connection and many more. If you eliminate all these factors from your computer the Internet speed certainly can be faster. Also make sure and differentiate that you are just encountering the slow internet speed issue not the whole slow computer problem.

Some of the important factors about the slow internet speed are mentioned below.

Remove Internet cookies, temporary files

Over time huge temporary data, cookies and other temporary stuff get accumulates in the browser and in your computer, which may affect the Internet connection speed very often. Remove all such temporary stuff from your computer and make your computer and browser burden free. You may also use a good and reliable computer cleaner program to remove this temporary stuff.

Reset your browser

In all the Internet browsers there is an option which can reset your browser. Very often it is inside Internet option and under advance settings. Just click the reset button and reboot the browser. This will help you to speed up the connection speed.

Restore factory default settings

Just like the rest option every browser has an another option called Restore Factory Default setting, this option can reset all the browser settings similar to the original one where you started using it. This also can help you to speed up the speed.

Change or reinstall your Internet browser

If you are still facing the slow Internet connection speed you can try reinstalling the browser and if this does not help to speed up the speed you can remove and reinstall the browser as well.

Check your connection speed

Verify if you are getting the speed what has been given by your ISP. Suppose the ISP has promised for 1mbps download speed but you are just receiving 256kbps speed this means something might be wrong from the ISP’s end.

Run antivirus and antimalware programs

A computer virus, spyware and various other infectious items can block the internet speed to the maximum level. A virus not only can slow down your Internet connection speed but also can create the slow computer issue in your system.

An updated antivirus program is the best solution to eliminate all kinds of viruses and other malwares from your computer.

Check your firewall status

A firewall may also block your internet connection speed to a great extent. Firewall such as zone alarm is very powerful and can stop all the incoming speed and traffic towards your computer. You may also encounter a slow computer and performance related issue if firewall like zone alarm is set at maximum security level. Verify the settings of the firewall program in the computer and lower it down if this helps or not.

Contact your ISP

In the end if after doing all the above mentioned steps it does not speed up your Internet connection speed you should first contact your ISP about the issue.

You may also get a live support help for any computer related issue such as slow computer, computer freezing, BSOD, any system related error and many more.

Friday, November 4, 2011

How to fix a corrupt windows registry

A slow computer issue is very common problem for computer users. Many unknown errors pop up in the middle of operating your computer, and then probably, your registry has a lot of errors that have to be fixed. Since the Windows registry is a very sensitive and susceptible towards all kinds of danger and security threats, most of the time all malware attack your registry and make it corrupt. Thus maintaining the registry is necessary essential task if you want your computer to perform good all the time.

If you are receiving blue screen errors, facing a slow computer and many other performance related issue this means your registry is corrupt and it is the time to repair the registry . Very often a computer user panic when he encounters the blue screen of death often and this is mainly because of defective registry.

Repairing Windows registry manually is very tedious and risky task. If you make a small incorrect change in the registry it may create more issues in your computer. So beware of fact. Fortunately we still have an alternative to save or corrupt registry with the help of trustable registry cleaner software.

Selecting a good and reliable registry cleaner software is not an easy task but requires a great deal of precautions such as if the software is really able to scan, detect and repair all the invalid and unwanted registry items and if the program is able to restore the changes it has made. I have experienced that most of the time not all the available registry cleaners are capable to fix all the issues in the Windows registry. Thus read the specifications, tests it can perform and release notes and choose the best one.

There are several registry cleaner products that can be downloaded from the internet as a freeware program.Also you may buy a good registry software from the Internet. Nevertheless it is very essential to choose the right product because a wrong selection can cause more problems in your computer instead of repairing the bad items.

Now install the selected registry cleaner software and run a scan thoroughly.

Note- Close all the other running applications before installing and running the program. very often the installing registry cleaner does this for your and closes all the running applications before installing and running a scan.Most of the software creates the registry backup somewhere in your computer so that it can be restored if anything goes wrong after scanning and fixing the items it has scanned. This is a must required feature.

The registry cleaner or repair tool may take several minutes to complete the scan. If you’ve selected the deep scan while beginning the scanning the software may take more time to finish the scan. After the registry scan, the recovery software will list the errors found in your registry. Don't be horrified when you find hundreds of errors. It is ordinary for the program to find more than a hundred errors even for a sparingly used PC. When the software finishes the scanning you need to fix the selected or scanned items it shows. Just click the repair button and let it complete the remaining process. After scanning it may ask to reboot your computer, just reboot and experience the difference. If you experience the big difference in performance and speed this means it was your registry which was indeed corrupt and infected.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tips to speed up a slow computer

There are many ways or number of tips and tweaks within Windows system that can be used to speed up a slow computer.

Nevertheless before applying or performing any task or trick I strongly suggest verifying or making sure some of the most vital points or aspect of your computer. All the other tweaks and tips won’t work if the essential things are missing in your computer system thus the important things cannot be ignore in any way at all.

  • Make sure the computer is virus free
  • All the attached hardware components are not broken and compatible
  • Make sure you have sufficient physical memory OR RAM installed in the computer
  • Verify if the installed device drivers are updated and compatible with your system
  • Make sure there is no heat related issues in the system
  • Make sure there is no OS related issue such as any system file corrupt or broken

If you have ensured all the above points and you feel that there isn’t any such issue in your computer, and despite all the above facts you encounter the slow computer issue, it means you need to try some Windows tweaks and tricks features. There are many things inside your Windows that can be modified in order to get the maximum speed and performance.

Some of the important are follows:-

Reduce Windows visual effects


Right click on computer->Select properties->Go to advance system settings-> Select Advance tab-> Click on performance setting radio button. It will bring the visual effects window where you can choose the option for the best performance.

Click apply and OK. Reboot your computer.

You may feel some less graphical features after applying the above settings, however a dramatic difference in the performance can be seen clearly.

Increase Virtual memory


Right click on computer->Select properties->Go to advance system settings-> Select Advance tab-> Click on performance setting radio button. It will bring the performance option windows where you can choose the advance tab. Now change the virtual memory size from here.

Note – Ideally the virtual memory size should be 1.5 times of your RAM.

Eliminate some Windows unimportant or unused features

Some of the features such as search indexing services, game(if you do not use much) can be turned safely off if you do not perform lot of searches frequently and you know and can locate your data in your computer.


Open control panel-> click Program and feature folder and on left pane locate “Turn Windows feature ON or off”. Now you may uncheck the feature you are sure and you do not use frequently. Click apply and reboot the computer.

It will release some system resources that were using before.

Remove some or all unwanted programs

In another task you can remove some or all the programs that are not using by you. It will create some disk space in your hard drive and will free up some system resources as well.