Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pc Doctor Tips : Fix your registry With Register Booster software

The Windows Registry and registry problems are not uncommon for a Windows user today. It’s been a long time now when the registry was introduced first time to keep the various configuration settings, options, different user profiles and preferences. There was required a central database which can keep all these essential PC hardware and software configuration settings. So the registry came into existence and many changes and improvements have been made in it from the Windows 3.1 till Windows 7. Earlier the same task was getting done with Windows .ini files which the Windows registry has replaced completely and today the Windows registry is a great, important and crucial database for any Windows OS.

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Due to storing the highly sensitive information about different computer components the Windows registry plays a highly important role in every Windows system. A minor modification by any means can create many registry problems and which affect your whole PC’s speed, performance and other software as well. If any important value gets deleted or damaged your computer might not work properly or can stop working completely due to these registry problems.

Thus the registry needs to be kept clean and error free in order to keep your PC running healthy and at its maximum performance level. So how can we do this, this is a real concern for a PC user. For this purpose you can employ the reliable and effective registry booster or registry cleaner software which in fact can solve all your registry problems and make it clean and error free.

However before choosing or buying any registry cleaner software you must understand few essential things and myths about any such software.

Any number of myths have cropped up about computer systems and computer registries. For instance, the myth that each and every registry booster or registry repair program is good for your PC health and capable to remove bad items from it — it is possible that some of such programs do not do anything rather they can harm your computer system to any extent.

Another fairy story is that your registry never needs to be cleaned. This is a myth as well once again — over time your registry naturally builds up many bad and corrupt registry items and corruption. This will certainly affect your computer and cause plentiful different PC errors. The registry cleaner or registry booster software is the best method to rectify that situation.

Another and biggest untruth is-, that all registry software will eliminate various infections from your computer system. This is blatantly untrue. In fact, most of the registry repair programs have nothing to do with virus elimination process, but yes all-in-one solutions can keep your computer safer.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pc Doctor Tips : What are Windows PC and Related issues

PC Doctor Tips

Windows is an intelligent operating system with thousands of tools, features and utilities. Since Windows 3.1 with today’s Windows 7 things have really changed. Bundles of new features have been added to your Windows system. In terms of efficiency, speed and performance the OS have also changed drastically. In the recent years the hardware has also improved and after the semi conductor invention the memory has really improved. In nut shell the Windows has completely changed especially in past 15 years.

However there are many such issues with the Windows operating system today that often affect the speed, performance and the whole system. Some of the major issues are the slow PC, computer freezing, blue screen PC errors, slow computer startup, Windows registry problems and many more issues. These all issues make your computer run slow, unstable and many other ill effects can also be seen in the system.

Some major issues in Windows OS

Slow PC

The slow PC are very common problem in all machines of Windows OS. It can be occurred due to many reasons such as hardware issue, low RAM memory, due to a virus infection and many more factors can make your PC run slow.

Computer freezing/ lock ups

This is again an alarming problem and it affects your work severely. While performing or doing any important tasks the entire operations pause and sometime it can take several minutes. This freezing also can be due to any hardware or software failure or most probably due to the corrupt Windows registry and different registry problems.

Slow Startup

Slow startup is another common issue in almost every Windows system. This problem mainly occurs due to the many software programs are listed in the Windows startup list. If you remove all the startup items it certainly helps to curb the slow PC problem and to speed up my PC to a great extent.

Virus related issues

Computer viruses are different kinds such as a spyware, Trojan, worm, and various other malwares. These all infectious items are capable to damage your PC to any extent. The slow PC, computer freezing, slow startup, and many more issues have been common from the viruses in the recent years.

To remove all kinds of viruses and other infections you must use an updated antivirus, anti spyware, and anti malware program.

Windows registry related issues

Windows Registry is one of the most essential parts in all modern Windows operating systems. It stores all the configuration settings, options, user profiles and preferences about the hardware and installed software programs in your computer system. The Windows registry is very susceptible towards all kinds of infections and attacks.

A corrupt Windows registry can create many kinds of ill effects in your computer and can hit the overall performance of the system. To overcome or repair this corrupt registry you can use a reliable and effective registry cleaner program which can clean and repair the corrupt Windows registry system.

Apart from the aforementioned issues the more common issues that can be seen in almost all Windows system are.

Memory related issues

Hardware failure

Unexpected shutting down

PC Doctor : Top 5 Tips to speed up your pc

There could be many reasons if you are experiencing a slow PC problem with your machine. If your hardware is not working well, if your RAM is not sufficient, if your computer system is infected with any virus, Trojan, spyware, malware, if your registry is corrupt and many similar causes can make your system run slower. Thus if you eliminate these perforLinkmance killer factors from your machine the system will be faster automatically.

To speed up your computer you can try many tips and tools however the most essential 5 factors are mentioned below that are very important to diagnose and fix so that you really can speed up your pc.

Eliminate all viruses and infections from your computer

Computer viruses are of different kinds such as Trojan virus, spyware, malware, worm etc. They can enter into your PC by any means such as the internet or using the infected pen drive etc. These computer viruses are very dangerous for the health of your machine. They can create any kind of issue such as slow PC, computer freezing, slow startup, blue screen, many registry problems and many more issues.

If you are experiencing a slow PC issue there are huge chances that your computer is infected. Running updated security software such as antivirus, antispyware and anti malware program can fix and eliminate these issues from your computer and it can Speed up your pc.

Verify any hardware fault

If you are using any faulty piece of hardware it can slow down the performance of your system drastically. The faulty hardware not only reduces the speed and performance of a computer system but it can create more system related issues in your machine.

The best and only resolution for this problem is to replace the affected hardware piece with a working and efficient hardware component.

Upgrade your RAM

RAM or random access memory is responsible for loading the program before they execute. If your RAM is not efficient and sufficient you might experience the slow PC and other performance related issues. Upgrading the RAM is the best solution for this issue. The RAM should just double what is specified in your system requirement in order to get the best benefit from the hardware and software components.

Repair your corrupt computer registry

Windows computer registry is one of the most essential parts of the Windows systems. It is responsible for storing the configuration settings, options user profiles and preferences about your computer. If anything gets affected or gets corrupt in the computer registry it aversively affects the whole system. A slow computer problem is one of the issues can be created by the corrupt computer registry.

To overcome all the registry problems you must use run a good, reliable and effective registry repair tool which can clean all these registry problems.

Remove all unwanted and unnecessary programs

Too many unwanted programs in your computer can also affect the overall PC performance and create more issues in your system. They occupy unnecessary space in your hardware and consume lot of system resources. So just remove all such programs and speed up your pc.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

PC Doctor Tips : How to Clean My Computer Registry instantly

The Windows Registry is among the most essential, critical and vulnerable components of Windows operating system. Starting from Windows 3.1 the Windows registry has been modified and evolved completely and drastically. It is responsible for storing the information about the location, time, duration i.e. all the configuration of the installed hardware and software programs in your computer. It also stores options, user profiles and preferences of the computer and activated users.

The computer registry stores these settings in a hierarchical form so that the system can access when it is required. If the saved value gets changed or removed from the registry it can stop working the associated program in the system. There are many factors that can damage the windows registry in many ways and create many registry problems which subsequently create more system and performance related errors.

The Windows registry may get corrupt or damage by various means such as when you uninstall any software program from your computer some of the remnants or leftovers remain in the registry that create many registry problems and PC issues. Over time as you use your machine these entries grow up and accumulate all these entries in a form of unwanted entries database. This unwanted and bad database needs to be cleaned in order to keep your Windows registry in shape.

Similarly a computer virus, Trojan and many other kinds of infections can create many registry problems and subsequently they create many PC errors and performance issues.

The registry problems mainly are created when you remove a program from your computer but some of the leftovers remain in the registry and gradually they keep on accumulating these unwanted items in the registry and later these registry bad items affect the whole PC and create many kinds of PC errors, performance related errors.

To overcome all these registry problems you must clean and repair these corrupt and bad registry items so that the computer registry can be error free and work fine. However editing the computer registry manually is never advised rather you must use an effective, reliable and efficient program which can clean and repair all these registry problems and can make your registry error free.

PC doctor is such registry cleaner utility which is able to diagnose, scan and fix all the registry problems in an effective and safe manner. It is designed with the latest state of art technology which safely scans all the areas of your computer registry detects the affected items and safely removes these bad and unwanted items from the registry.

Once these items gone from the computer registry it becomes errors free and becomes able to perform as usual and in a natural way. After this your system can run with its natural speed and performance.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

PC Doctor tips : How to speed up my PC in few minutes

PC Doctor Tips

There are many reasons that can slow down your computer system. Generally if your hardware and RAM are good and functioning well and still you experience the slow PC error with your machine there are chances that either your computer is infected with any malware or your computer registry got corrupted severely.

These two factors are the most annoying and prominent factors that very often affect your machine in many ways and the speed and performance of your system might go slow gradually or sometime abruptly. These two factors are capable to create many registry problems and PC errors in your system so that it almost stops working and quit.

If you can overcome these important performance killer factors your machine will be just fine as if a brand new system. A virus is also responsible for many PC errors and registry problems in your computer so they must be removed as early as possible. I have mentioned few of the most essential points apart from

Any hardware fault or failure

Any hardware fault is an exceptional issue for a computer system as there is no alternate for any faulty hardware rather it needs to be replaced with the working piece of hardware.

Low Random access Memory

In absence of sufficient RAM you cannot expect a speedy PC at all. In order to speed up your PC you must upgrade your RAM to at least the system required specify criterion.

Corrupt Windows registry AND

Various kinds of registry problems are also responsible for a slow PC problem in most of the PCs today. They can make your system corrupt to any extent and you will experience the slow PC issue randomly or all the time.

Any computer virus, spyware, Trojan and various other malware programs

Apart from these factors there are few more important things that can be performed in order to get the speed and performance back in your PC and you can get rid of the slow PC and other PC errors.

Some other performance killer facts and points are mentioned below:

Old and outdated antivirus and other security software occupy lots of hard drive space and consume huge system and CPU resources, resulting in los of performance and speed. So remove all such security programs from your computer and install the effective, reliable and up to date antivirus, anti spyware and other security programs so that they can protect your PC.

Too many unwanted programs installed in your computer only occupy hard drive space and consume system resources. Thus they also need to be removed from the machine so that it can help to speed up your PC speed and performance.

Lots of graphical and fancy features in Windows XP, Vista and in Windows 7 can also slow down the speed and performance of your system.

Too many programs listed in the startup list can also affect your startup and system performance so remove some of the items from the list to speed up your PC.

Too many temporary files, prefetch files and other unwanted files affect your PC’s performance and you might experience the slow PC issue. Removing these files certainly helps to speed up your PC to a great extent.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

How to protect your PC from malicious programs

Pc Doctor Tips

The PC security from various malware programs is necessary essential aspect for all PC users. A malware is capable enough to damage your PC to any extent and sometime it may stop all the functionalities and components of your computer. Thus this needs to be understood that how to protect your PC from various malware and other infectious programs’ attack.

First and foremost thing to do: Prevention is better than cure

Prevention of various malicious programs that attack to your system and make it run slow create slow PC and various other PC errors, damage it in many ways and create many issues, is really important and to a great extent it is possible also.

The biggest source of the infectious software is the internet. Nowadays the viruses come in various form such as spyware, Trojan hours, worm and many other malwares so while using the internet connection your system can be caught any time through any means. Thus it is essential to keep your computer under safeguard through security software.

Never open any suspicious and unknown link on the Internet. Various kinds of pop ups and other unknown links may spread the contiguous and malicious programs into your system so beware of them.

Use the best, reliable effective and most updated security software

Security software programs such as an antivirus, anti spyware, anti malware and your firewall programs are necessary essential to update regularly and run them on a periodic basis. It is the security software that helps you to protect your system from various viruses, spyware, Trojan and various other malicious programs and also help you to speed up your PC. However they should be up to date in order to combat with strong kind of virus and other malwares. In absence of a good security program your PC might create many issues such as slow PC blue screen errors, freezing and many similar issues.

So keep the security software updated all the time. Also the old and outdated security software does not help you to prevent the infections to your system rather they occupy huge memory space and consume lot of system and CPU resources and resulting in loss of speed and performance and the common slow PC issue can be occurred easily.

Clean your corrupt Windows registry

The Windows registry is the most essential repository where all the options and configuration setting, preferences and various users’ profiles are saved. Any change that takes places in your system gets reflected in the registry and it makes the registry corrupt. Subsequently the corrupt windows registry affects your whole system makes it unstable and poor in performance. Hence the windows registry needs to be protected and clean all the time.

If your registry is not clean and fine you might experience many system and other PC errors frequently. A reliable and effective registry cleaner program can help you to protect and clean your corrupt and damaged windows registry. You can opt any reliable registry cleaner program however it is little difficult to find as you will see there are various such registry repair software available online that claim to be the best however few of them are really effective. So beware of such registry cleaner programs.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Pc Doctor Tips - How to speed up My PC

Pc Doctor Tips

There could be hundred of reasons behind a slow pc or poor performance of a computer system. It could be your hardware fault or failure, your RAM might not be sufficient to run many applications, Your computer can also be infected with any computer virus, spyware, and many other dangerous viruses or a faulty device driver can also cause the performance and slow computer problem in your system. Come what may the reasons be but you need to fix the PC errors and you need to speed up your slow pc somehow? Following below are the few very essential tips and steps that need to be taken in mind if you are suffering with the slow computer issue.

Check your hardware status

Upgrade memory (RAM)

Uninstalled unwanted program from your system

Remove the incompatible, broken and bad device drivers and reinstall a fresh and the latest driver set

Install and run the latest up to date antivirus, antispyware and antimalware program to remove all kinds of virus. Viruses are the most dangerous causes of a slow pc and they must be removed in order to speed up your computer.

Remove all temporary files, prefetch files and other unwanted data files from your computer to speed up your PC.

Remove old and outdated security software such as old and outdated antivirus program. These programs consume lot of memory and system usage which can create the slow computer problem.

Run windows essential tools and PC repair utilities such as Windows file checker utility, Windows disk defragmentation, Disk cleanup and so on. These are every powerful and useful tools that are capable to fix PC errors and many other system related issues very effectively. They certainly can help you to speed up your PC speed and performance to a great extent.

Remove bad items from windows registry and make it clean always. The registry is an essential database which stores all the configuration settings and options. If it gets corrupt it can cause many PC errors, registry problems and system performance related issues. Use reliable and effective registry repair or registry cleaner software which really can help you to clean and repair your corrupt Windows registry system.

Remove unwanted windows startup items. If your startup is packed up with too many unneeded items it certainly delays the windows boot time and you might experience the slow startup and slow computer issue. Remove almost all the items from the windows startup and make it clean so that it can run at its natural speed and performance.

Increase the virtual memory of your system which helps to load the programs faster and resulting in greater speed and performance.

Reduce some of the windows graphical features and visual effects. They occupy huge memory space and consume lot of system resources owing of that you might experience the slow pc problem.

If you follow the above guidelines it is certain that your computer will run on the better speed and performance and you cannot face the slow pc and many other PC errors easily. If still you are experiencing the same issue with your computer you either need to take an expert help or you might need to reinstall your windows.