Monday, February 13, 2012

How to speed up my PC in few minutes

A slow PC is one of the biggest headaches for Windows PC users. While working on an important task if your PC goes down all of sudden you might feel frustrated and dejected. This is obvious as due to the slow PC issue you might be deprive of many essential tasks which you wanted to complete on time. This is a common issue for all of us, over time due to many reasons a PC might run slowly and sometime it does not move at all.

What these all factors are that usually cause the slow computer problem? And how we can boost PC performance? Some of the most essential factors are mentioned below.

Hardware failure

Any hardware fault can cause a slow computer issue in your system. If your computer is using an old or broken hardware piece it certainly will create many performance issues such as a slow PC. The only and best solution for this is to replace the affected part with the better component.

Computer Virus

Computer viruses are the most notorious programs that can harm your computer to a maximum extent. It is one of the important causes of the slow PC. A virus can cause many windows registry related issues also. So they must be removed from the computer as soon as possible.

The best solution to remove any kind of virus from your computer and perform a complete PC check up is to use an effective and reliable antivirus and anti malware program.

Low Memory

Random access memory or RAM is the component which helps to load the programs into the main memory before they execute. So this is very essential in order to speed up my PC speed and performance. The RAM should always be greater than what is written in the system requirement hardware specification. If the random access memory is sufficient in capacity there are very less chances that your PC will face the slow PC issue.

Corrupt Windows registry issues

Windows registry is one of the essential components in all Windows OS. It stores all the settings about the installed software and hardware in your computer system. A minor change may corrupt the associated program in the registry gets corrupted. So the registry needs to be protected all the time and for this you should use a reliable and effective registry cleaner program. A registry cleaner program is capable to fix all PC errors and registry problems instantly.

Incompatible or broken device drivers

Device drivers are needed for running the hardware component that are attached with your computer. If they are incompatible, broken or damaged they can create many system related issues. The slow PC issue is one of the main bad consequences of the corrupt and incompatible driver. Reinstall these drivers and make your PC run better.

Corrupt OS files

And finally the corrupt OS can also create the slow computer problem in your system. There are many reasons and factors that can cause your OS to corrupt. Run windows file checker utility or repair your windows with the original windows disk so that the damaged and missing files can be regained.

This is the best way to perform a PC repair is to use Windows installation disk and repair your operating system.

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