Friday, February 17, 2012

Pc Doctor Tips - How to speed up My PC

Pc Doctor Tips

There could be hundred of reasons behind a slow pc or poor performance of a computer system. It could be your hardware fault or failure, your RAM might not be sufficient to run many applications, Your computer can also be infected with any computer virus, spyware, and many other dangerous viruses or a faulty device driver can also cause the performance and slow computer problem in your system. Come what may the reasons be but you need to fix the PC errors and you need to speed up your slow pc somehow? Following below are the few very essential tips and steps that need to be taken in mind if you are suffering with the slow computer issue.

Check your hardware status

Upgrade memory (RAM)

Uninstalled unwanted program from your system

Remove the incompatible, broken and bad device drivers and reinstall a fresh and the latest driver set

Install and run the latest up to date antivirus, antispyware and antimalware program to remove all kinds of virus. Viruses are the most dangerous causes of a slow pc and they must be removed in order to speed up your computer.

Remove all temporary files, prefetch files and other unwanted data files from your computer to speed up your PC.

Remove old and outdated security software such as old and outdated antivirus program. These programs consume lot of memory and system usage which can create the slow computer problem.

Run windows essential tools and PC repair utilities such as Windows file checker utility, Windows disk defragmentation, Disk cleanup and so on. These are every powerful and useful tools that are capable to fix PC errors and many other system related issues very effectively. They certainly can help you to speed up your PC speed and performance to a great extent.

Remove bad items from windows registry and make it clean always. The registry is an essential database which stores all the configuration settings and options. If it gets corrupt it can cause many PC errors, registry problems and system performance related issues. Use reliable and effective registry repair or registry cleaner software which really can help you to clean and repair your corrupt Windows registry system.

Remove unwanted windows startup items. If your startup is packed up with too many unneeded items it certainly delays the windows boot time and you might experience the slow startup and slow computer issue. Remove almost all the items from the windows startup and make it clean so that it can run at its natural speed and performance.

Increase the virtual memory of your system which helps to load the programs faster and resulting in greater speed and performance.

Reduce some of the windows graphical features and visual effects. They occupy huge memory space and consume lot of system resources owing of that you might experience the slow pc problem.

If you follow the above guidelines it is certain that your computer will run on the better speed and performance and you cannot face the slow pc and many other PC errors easily. If still you are experiencing the same issue with your computer you either need to take an expert help or you might need to reinstall your windows.

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