Thursday, February 9, 2012

How to clean a windows Registry

A corrupt windows registry can cause many system and performance related issues in your computer. The registry is the most essential part of Windows operating systems which stores the configuration settings and option within it about the installed software and hardware components in your computer. A small change in these settings may affect your windows registry which creates registry problems and consequently many systems and performance related problems frequently and sometime it can cause a complete system work stoppage. The registry problems are very common for Windows users. They can be occurred due to installing a software program, while uninstalling the installed software from your computer and a computer virus can also damage your computer registry and create the windows registry problems.

Now the corrupt entries in the registry create a greater database within the registry and over time it becomes huge in size. These damaged corrupted registry items start interfering, corrupting other programs and display system and many other PC errors such as BSOD or blue screen of death. This phenomenon also hit the overall system speed and performance and clearly you can experience a slow computer slow startup problems very often.

This means these malicious or damaged entries need to be repaired and cleaned from your computer’s registry so that we can get the performance back to the track. Thus it is important to know how to clean your computer registry or remove these registry problems from your computer?

It is very difficult to modify or clean the windows registry manually and it requires great deal of expertise and it also involves many system relate risks to edit a registry manually. So this is never advised to edit any registry setting manually.

Now another option is left, using a registry repair tool to clean your computer registry or to repair the damaged entries. A registry cleaner tool is a PC utility which scans your registry and removes the bad items from the registry. It usually has a reliable backup system which can be used in case if anything goes wrong i.e. if the software utility removes any valid entry from the registry it can be reversed. Hence it is more reliable and easier option.

Nevertheless choosing the most appropriate registry utility for your computer is bit essential and difficult task. It is because there are number of registry cleaners and each one of them claims to be the better to other so the selection becomes difficult. In such cases what you can or need to do is use the trial edition of any reliable program and observe the scan results and performance difference in your computer and then finally make a decision about any such PC utility or the registry cleaner software.

Ideally the registry repair software should be


Efficient and effective

Easy to use i.e. comprehensive

The most reliable backup system,

Should not affect the other system and application programs in your computer,

And with a trustable technical support

These all factors can make a registry cleaner program an ideal software which would be capable to clean and fix registry problems in an effective and safe way.

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  1. The windows registry is the most significant, yet most delicate part of the windows operating system. It stores all the information of the installed software and hardware components of a computer. Thus, a corrupt windows registry can harm your computer and delay your work. Therefore, it is essential to install registry cleaner software in your computer. When choosing for a registry cleaner, be sure that the software is easy to use and has a reliable backup system.

    Linus Soriano