Wednesday, February 22, 2012

PC Doctor tips : How to speed up my PC in few minutes

PC Doctor Tips

There are many reasons that can slow down your computer system. Generally if your hardware and RAM are good and functioning well and still you experience the slow PC error with your machine there are chances that either your computer is infected with any malware or your computer registry got corrupted severely.

These two factors are the most annoying and prominent factors that very often affect your machine in many ways and the speed and performance of your system might go slow gradually or sometime abruptly. These two factors are capable to create many registry problems and PC errors in your system so that it almost stops working and quit.

If you can overcome these important performance killer factors your machine will be just fine as if a brand new system. A virus is also responsible for many PC errors and registry problems in your computer so they must be removed as early as possible. I have mentioned few of the most essential points apart from

Any hardware fault or failure

Any hardware fault is an exceptional issue for a computer system as there is no alternate for any faulty hardware rather it needs to be replaced with the working piece of hardware.

Low Random access Memory

In absence of sufficient RAM you cannot expect a speedy PC at all. In order to speed up your PC you must upgrade your RAM to at least the system required specify criterion.

Corrupt Windows registry AND

Various kinds of registry problems are also responsible for a slow PC problem in most of the PCs today. They can make your system corrupt to any extent and you will experience the slow PC issue randomly or all the time.

Any computer virus, spyware, Trojan and various other malware programs

Apart from these factors there are few more important things that can be performed in order to get the speed and performance back in your PC and you can get rid of the slow PC and other PC errors.

Some other performance killer facts and points are mentioned below:

Old and outdated antivirus and other security software occupy lots of hard drive space and consume huge system and CPU resources, resulting in los of performance and speed. So remove all such security programs from your computer and install the effective, reliable and up to date antivirus, anti spyware and other security programs so that they can protect your PC.

Too many unwanted programs installed in your computer only occupy hard drive space and consume system resources. Thus they also need to be removed from the machine so that it can help to speed up your PC speed and performance.

Lots of graphical and fancy features in Windows XP, Vista and in Windows 7 can also slow down the speed and performance of your system.

Too many programs listed in the startup list can also affect your startup and system performance so remove some of the items from the list to speed up your PC.

Too many temporary files, prefetch files and other unwanted files affect your PC’s performance and you might experience the slow PC issue. Removing these files certainly helps to speed up your PC to a great extent.

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