Tuesday, February 28, 2012

PC Doctor Tips : How to Clean My Computer Registry instantly

The Windows Registry is among the most essential, critical and vulnerable components of Windows operating system. Starting from Windows 3.1 the Windows registry has been modified and evolved completely and drastically. It is responsible for storing the information about the location, time, duration i.e. all the configuration of the installed hardware and software programs in your computer. It also stores options, user profiles and preferences of the computer and activated users.

The computer registry stores these settings in a hierarchical form so that the system can access when it is required. If the saved value gets changed or removed from the registry it can stop working the associated program in the system. There are many factors that can damage the windows registry in many ways and create many registry problems which subsequently create more system and performance related errors.

The Windows registry may get corrupt or damage by various means such as when you uninstall any software program from your computer some of the remnants or leftovers remain in the registry that create many registry problems and PC issues. Over time as you use your machine these entries grow up and accumulate all these entries in a form of unwanted entries database. This unwanted and bad database needs to be cleaned in order to keep your Windows registry in shape.

Similarly a computer virus, Trojan and many other kinds of infections can create many registry problems and subsequently they create many PC errors and performance issues.

The registry problems mainly are created when you remove a program from your computer but some of the leftovers remain in the registry and gradually they keep on accumulating these unwanted items in the registry and later these registry bad items affect the whole PC and create many kinds of PC errors, performance related errors.

To overcome all these registry problems you must clean and repair these corrupt and bad registry items so that the computer registry can be error free and work fine. However editing the computer registry manually is never advised rather you must use an effective, reliable and efficient program which can clean and repair all these registry problems and can make your registry error free.

PC doctor is such registry cleaner utility which is able to diagnose, scan and fix all the registry problems in an effective and safe manner. It is designed with the latest state of art technology which safely scans all the areas of your computer registry detects the affected items and safely removes these bad and unwanted items from the registry.

Once these items gone from the computer registry it becomes errors free and becomes able to perform as usual and in a natural way. After this your system can run with its natural speed and performance.

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