Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How to enable and disable Windows registry editor

Windows registry is an essential component in all modern windows OS. It stores configuration settings and options about the various hardware and installed software program in the machine. Because the registry editor is an important component of computer system and when any infected specious enter in the system then firstly they attack on the windows registry and disable it so that you cannot make any changes to the registry or you will not be able to remove the infectious item from the registry and then it can create many registry problems in your machine. This is why we must fix registry and clean the registry errors as soon as possible after enabling it.

Whenever any infectious program enters into the computer system then it infects the registry editor by disabling the registry editor so that you won’t be able to open the registry editor and subsequently you receive the registry errors which states somewhat like this" Registry editing has been disabled by your administrator".

The Windows registry editor is the place from where you become able to edit various system configuration settings and option and also if we know about any suspicious item we can remove it from the Windows registry editor but once the editor is blocked by the virus or malware you cannot even think of it.

In most of the cases a virus or malware worm which causes the disabling of the windows registry editor is W32/Brontok-C and cannot allow you to run registry editor anymore. However there is one more option from where you certainly can provide or release the registry editor permission. Following below are the procedure to edit the policy in most of the Windows systems.

• click on the start button-->Run-->type gpedit.msc on the run text box and press enter.

• Windows automatically will redirect you to the new dialog box that consists of user configuration and computer configuration. Select user configuration option--> Administrative templates--->system.

• Here on the right Windows, you have been provided with many options out of which choose "Prevent access to registry editing tools option and then double click on the option to open its settings dialog box.

• After that either you need to select not configured or disabled option and then click on the OK button.

When done try opening the windows registry editor if you are able to open it or not. If you are infected with any infectious item you also can safely remove it from the system’s registry.

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