Thursday, January 26, 2012

How to choose the best registry cleaner

The Windows registry is one of the most prominent storage places or databases where all the configuration settings and option are kept about all the software and hardware that are installed in your computer system. Registry was basically designed to keep the configuration settings about various settings and options in the Windows OS. Over time these settings and options might get affected by various means such as when you uninstall/install any software from the computer it affects the Windows registry and it starts malfunctioning. To stop this damage and corruption in the registry we must think and take necessary measurement and preventive measures.

There are only two possible ways to clean and repair your corrupt windows registry. One is to repair and correct the damaged items manually which is very dangerous and involves many risks in it.

The another method is to get the registry errors fixed with the help of a reliable registry cleaner program which would be capable of removing all the registry errors instantly and in an effective way even without harming any other essential component of the registry and system.

The registry cleaner option is more effective and safer. It safely scans and removes only affected and bad entries from the windows registry and does not harm any other PC components. So it is the better idea.

Now it is important which registry cleaner or registry repair tool is the best suitable for your windows registry.

You may find number of such PC utilities and cleaner program that claim to be the best and claim that they can remove the bad entries from the windows registry. However not all of them are very effective and reliable. Just few of them are very helpful and effective. So how would you choose the best among many options?

The answer is simple and can be applied if you want to buy a registry repair utility for your cluttered registry system.

Almost every software vendor provides trial version for their software packages for 30 days and so on. You can try using any registry cleaner tool for some time and can judge on this basis.

Ideally a registry cleaner utility should have the following important or must have features:

The software should be effective and should address all the registry related issues.

The program should be easy to use and comprehensive for a normal use.

A registry cleaner tool should have a reliable backup system so that incase if anything goes wrong you can reverse the changes it has made.

It should not affect any other component of the system at all.

An ideal software package should also provide a dedicated support for all its users so that in any technical difficulty you can contact the support staff.

These are the essential points that a reliable and good registry cleaner program must have. If your software is lacking in any of such features you can contact the software vendor or try another program.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How to remove an obstinate virus from your computer

One of the biggest issues and security threats in any computer is the computer virus, spyware, Trojan or any other malware program. They can cause many issues such as a slow PC, freezing, Linkwindows registry problems and many more. These malicious programs are designed to harm your computer in many ways. On the basis of their functioning and damage area the viruses or malware are divided into many categories. For an instance a malicious program which steals private and sensitive information from your computer is called spyware instead of a Virus.

Similarly a malicious program can be of diffident kinds and due to this reason the virus removal tools are also separately available online. So it could be possible that if you have bought an antivirus program thinking about to remove a spyware and it didn’t remove it. Thus don’t be surprised by it.

There are many occasions where your antivirus software is not able to eliminate all kinds of viruses from your computer and you might need to remove it manually. Though it is not easy for a normal user to kill a virus manually however it can be done if you follow few below points carefully.

If your security software is up to date it often removes all viruses from your system but if not you need to take the driving seat and need to remove it.

For removing any virus or malware before anything else try to verify the name of the virus/malware. If the name is known it makes your task very easy and the virus can be identified.

Use the task manager

If you know the name of the virus you can locate the corresponding process of it. Kill the process from the task manager first of all.

Use Windows search

I have personally searched many such viruses which were causing many issues such as slow PC, computer freezing and many more. Use the Windows search if the name of the virus is known and remove it completely from the folder.

Use Windows registry

Using Windows registry to remove the entry from it is very difficult and involves many risks in it. If you delete any incorrect value it may create more issues and registry problems in your whole computer. However if you are sure about the virus you can use CTRL+F option to find the desirable value and can remove it from the registry.

It is also possible that the virus has blocked your registry editor or task manager options so that you cannot use them to remove it. In this case in most of the PCs you can use windows group policy.

It can be reached by

Open the Start menu, and type gpedit.msc in the search line and press Enter. (See screenshot below)

NOTE: This file is located at C:\Windows\System32\gpedit.msc.

Here you can enable or disable all Windows in built features and functions. This is the important place and a virus may also attack this component.

Usually these are the most appropriate ways to remove a virus from your computer if still you are not able to fix it you might need an expert help or you may also need to reinstall the Windows.

Monday, January 23, 2012

How to fix a Slow PC problem

Slow PC problem is among the most common issues in any PC. It affects the entire PC’s speed and performance severely. There are many causes behind a slow PC. Some of the important are hardware fault, low memory, computer virus, corrupt device drivers, corrupt windows registry, too many software programs installed in your computer. These factor need to be observed and removed properly from your PC to obtain a good speed and performance.

Among all the PC related problems the slow PC is the most common and annoying issue. It can be caused by many reasons such as hardware fault, low memory, computer virus, corrupt device drivers, corrupt windows registry, too many software programs installed in your computer. If any of these factors affecting your computer this means a slow computer issue can be seen easily. The major slow pc reasons are mentioned below.

Corrupt windows registry

Registry is the heart of any Windows system. It gets affected by various means and if it gets corrupt it affects the whole system’s efficiency and performance. To repair the corrupt windows registry we can use an effective and reliable windows registry cleaner program which could clean the registry and can enhance the performance.

Hardware fault

Another big reason for a slow pc is any hardware fault. If your hardware is not working properly or broken it cannot work efficiently at all. This reduces the overall efficiency and performance of a computer. The best possible solution to avoid this situation is to replace the affected hardware and install a working piece.

Low physical memory

Physical memory or RAM is also responsible to operating a computer system efficiently. If your computer does not have sufficient physical memory you might face issues like slow pc, freezing etc. To solve this issue you must increase the RAM or you may use an additional RAM with your existing one.

Virus, malware, spyware and other Trojan viruses

All the computer infections such as a virus, Trojan horse, malware spyware they can damage your computer to any extent and can cause the pc run slow. A reliable and effective antivirus program is required to eliminate all such infections from your computer.

Corrupt device drivers

This is another important factor and can cause the slow PC problem. Corrupt and incompatible device drivers can also make your PC run slow. They can cause blue screen errors, and many other system related errors in your computer. The best resolution to fix this issue is to remove all old, corrupt and incompatible drivers and reinstall the latest and compatible one. You can reinstall new drivers from the vendor’s website as well.

Remove unwanted programs from the system

If you look at your all programs list or in control panel->Add and Remove programs folder you will find there are many such items that are useless for your now or you rarely use them. Remove all such programs and provide some hard drive space and release some system resources. This certainly helps to speed up your PC to a great extent.

If you still face the slow computer issue with your PC you might need to reinstall the Windows or you might need an expert technical support.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

How helpful the registry Cleaner software is?

The Windows registry is one of the most essential components in all modern computers. It stores all the configuration settings and options about the installed software and hardware components in your computer. If anyhow a small entry in the registry gets modified it reflects in the corresponding hardware or software program and it could not be working partially or completely. Thus the relevance and importance of the registry is extremely high always for all the systems.

Due to its highly complex architecture and sensitivity editing or modifying the registry manually is almost prohibited not by windows law but owing of the risks involved in this operation. And this is why we might need the software (usually called registry cleaner or registry repair utility) which can clean the bad, corrupt and unwanted data from the Windows registry and can repair the damaged values.

Many issues such as computer freezing, slow computer, BSOD and many similar issues can be occurred due to a corrupt windows registry. However a registry repair utility cannot repair or fix all the issues that have been found due to the corrupt registry. Many times a PC user buys the software (registry cleaner program) expecting it to resolve all issues and when it does not fulfill these all requirements the user thinks the software is of no use which is also not correct. Thus the right expectations are needed.

Now it is important to know if we really need a registry cleaner or registry repair utility and to what extent it can help us to regain our lost PC performance and speed. With this regards few aspects or things that are not possible should be understood properly so that at least a user will not expect these things from the registry cleaner software. They are as follows:

A registry cleaner tool cannot repair any hardware failure.

It cannot repair any missing system related file.

It cannot increase the processor speed, cannot replace memory and hard drive and space requirements so just expecting a miracle is not practical approach from any such software program.

In nut shell registry cleaner software cannot spell a magic to your system rather it can only fix limited number of issues especially pertaining to the registry. Thus right expectations are always required.

Also you must need to make sure that if you have any other issues in your system such as any hardware fault, low memory issues, hard drive space deficiency, incompatible device driver issue or any other issue that has nothing to do with the registry cannot be repaired by any registry repair utility. So beware of it!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Important causes of a Slow PC

Although a slow PC can be caused by number of reasons such as insufficient or broken hardware, low memory, corrupt device drivers, corrupt windows registry and lot more, however the most affecting and prominent factors are following below.

Hardware fault or incompatible and inefficient hardware

Any kind of hardware problem directly affects the performance and efficiency of your computer system. If your hardware system is faulty, broken incompatible the performance related issues are inevitable to happen.

The best possible solution for removing this is to replace the affected hardware part.

Low Memory (Low Random access Memory)Link

Memory is one of the most essential requirements of a computer system. In absence of proper or sufficient memory we cannot expect a computer running very fast. For an instance if you are running Windows 7 with just 512MB or even 1GB of RAM you might experience a slow pc problem.

Corrupt device drivers

Device drivers can cause the performance and other system related issues such as can cause BSOD error in your computer.

Solution for this problem is to remove the old, incompatible and damaged drivers and replace them with the latest and most updated driver set. You can download these drivers directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Computer virus/ spyware/ Malware

Viruses are of different kinds and some of them are very dangerous for your computer system. A virus is capable to block all the process and services in your system and resulting in the slow pc issue.

To remove all kinds of viruses and other various malicious programs you should use the most updated and effective antivirus and anti malware program. One of the best antimalware is Malwarebytes. It is the most effective anti malware program available online.

Corrupt Windows registry

Windows registry is the most critical and important database in any Windows system which stores all the configuration settings and options about all the hardware and software components that are installed in the system. If the registry is corrupt it can create many system and performance related issues.

To repair corrupt windows registry you may use a reliable and effective registry cleaner program which is capable to repairing and cleansing all the unwanted and damaged entries in the registry.

Too many programs installed in the PC

If your PC is filled with too many and unwanted programs it can slows down the overall performance of the system. Unwanted programs occupy hard drive space and consume lot of CPU usage so they must be gone from the system.

Though there could be more factors that certainly can affect your computer/PC’s performance and create slow PC problem, but all the aforementioned points and facts are the common in all systems that very often create the slow PC issue. If you are not suffering or affected with any of the above cited factor you need to reinstall your Windows.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How to fix registry errors

The Windows registry is the most crucial and critical database in all modern Windows systems. It helps to store the configuration settings and options of all the installed software and attached hardware component of the computer. If a small modification takes place in any value of the related component that particular software or hardware may start malfunctioning or can stop working as well. Thus the importance of this windows registry is really high and it needs to be protected all the time.

A Windows registry can be affected by various means; some of the major factors are as follows:

1. When you install/uninstall any application from your computer the registry gets affected- when you uninstall any application from your computer some of the remnants remain in the registry that gradually accumulate and eventually create a huge data of garbage and unwanted registry leftovers. These leftovers create many systems and performance related issues and affect your system’s overall performance and efficiency to a great extent.

2. A computer virus/spyware/ malware can affect or modify your Windows registry - A computer virus/ spyware and various other dangerous malicious programs are capable to modify the windows registry and which affect the system performance. An effective and reliable security program can help you to prevent any malicious program attack such as a firewall and antivirus software.

3. An ineffective or bad Windows registry cleaner program can also cause registry related issues instead of repairing and cleansing it. Windows registry errors not only causes by a virus or when you uninstall any software program but if you are using an unsafe registry repair tool, it can also affect or modify some essential registry values which will create rather more issues instead of making it better. So beware of any such registry program.

These are the most important reasons of all registry errors. However there could be more possible causes or aspects that can affect or corrupt the Windows registry.

Now it is important to know how to fix the windows registry errors, since the registry is very critical, important and susceptible towards all kinds of attacks and modifications so it is very important to repair the registry very carefully so that we can protect the registry and can repair all the damaged entries and values of the system.

Modifying the registry manually is never recommended because it involves lot of risks in it and if you make a small incorrect modification it can affect the whole system’s functionality and performance and create more system and registry problems.

Now we have left an option of using a good and reliable registry repair tool which can repair this registry carefully and remove the bad and unwanted registry values.

There are many windows registry cleaner or windows registry repair tools available online that claim to be the best, however not all of them are very effective and some of them are indeed useless and can create more registry errors than solving the problem.

One of the best ways is to use a trial edition of a registry cleaner tool and then make your opinion about the particular software application. All the major software vendors offer their 30 days trial period offer so that if you are not satisfied with the performance and outcome of the program you can leave or remove the software.

I hope by this way you can choose the best for your system and can get an experience about any software program.

Monday, January 16, 2012

How to fix PC errors effectively

There are thousands of PC errors that can be seen in any PC as time passes and your computer gets older. However major sources of all PC errors mainly are corrupt registry and computer virus. Hardware failure is an exception in this respect. Following below some of the important aspects of a PC issues are mentioned.

A computer has become life line for today’s generation. No aspect of life can be imagined without a computer system today. Almost all areas are dominated and served by a computer system. All the important tasks such as banking, online marketing, research, medical, science, mathematical operations and lots more are getting done by a computer system successfully. However due to it’s highly complex nature and architecture there are occasions when a computer system fails or runs slow or shows numerous PC errors.

A PC/computer can have number of issues or PC errors. Some of the major such as slow PC, system related errors, windows registry problems, how to speed up your pc and thousands of more issues. However the most important or common issues are as follows:

Slow computer or poor performance related errors

Though a computer/PC can have many issues but most of the time any PC error or failures directly affect the performance and efficiency of your computer. Some of the major causes of the slow PC or slow computer are:

Corrupt registry

Windows registry is one of the most vital and critical part of all windows systems. It stores all the important settings and information regarding the components that are installed in Linkyour computer. The registry may get affected by any means such as when you install/uninstall any software from your computer. A computer virus can also create registry problems in your computer.

A reliable and effective registry cleaner program can help to prevent all the registry problems.

Computer virus

PC errors especially the slow pc problem can be created by a computer virus. It is counted as one of the most important causes of the slow computer problem.

An effective and up to date security program can take away all the bad and malicious programs from your computer.

Too many installed programs

Too many and unwanted software applications are also responsible for slow pc and performance related issues. Remove all such programs from your computer properly and make your computer run faster.

Old and outdated security software

Security programs are really essential in order to protect your computer and keep it running faster and better. However old and outdated security programs usually occupy more space and less effective. They can consume lot of CPU and system resources and resulting in a slow computer problem. Removing all such programs and install the latest updated security patches is the best option to avoid this kind of problem.

Any hardware fault

All the hardware issues are an exceptional problem in any computer system. No software program is able to fix any hardware fault rather we must replace any affected hardware component so that it does not affect the performance and speed of the system.

Apart from these aforementioned points there could be numerous issues or causes that may affect your computer badly. However all the above mentioned points are the most significant and critical regarding any PC error or performance related problem.

How to boost your PC speed

Justify Full
The PC speed and performance depends on many factors on every PC such as hardware configurations, number of software programs, computer might be affected by a computer virus/ spyware and many other malware programs. If any of such factor is not favorable or affecting the efficiency and functionality of the system you might experience the speed and performance related issues very often.

Now it is important to know that how to speed up the PC? For speed up your PC speed and performance there are many ways or methods and you also might have used or seen various software programs online or in your acquaintance’s computers. But not all of them really are worth to use and reply upon to speed up your PC speed, rather just handful of the all applications are capable to improve the performance of your computer.

This is interesting to know that any software utility program can only repair or fix limited number of issues and it cannot fix all the issues that affect the PC speed and performance. For an example if you have installed just 1 GB of RAM and your are running Windows 7 Enterprise edition with it you can experience the performance related or slow computer problem often. This issue cannot be resolved unless and until you increase the RAM capacity. There are many similar examples of this sort of problems. And this is the reason we usually hear about the customers complaints regarding any software application and especially the security and registry cleaner tools.

Many times I have personally seen if someone is using 512 MB of random access memory and using Windows vista with lots of other huge applications and then he buys a system utility to speed up PC speed but it proves to be worthless so he thinks this is the software’s issue while the actual problem lies in the system hardware part. Thus beware of any such situation and make sure you have installed the sufficient hardware components.

Some of the most significant aspects or factors that usually affect your computers efficiency and performance are as follows:
  • Incompatible and insufficient hardware
  • Low memory or RAM
  • Computer is affected by virus/ spyware/ malware and various other malicious programs
  • Bad, incompatible and corrupt device drivers
  • Corrupt OS files
  • Hard disk is full and there is no room left in the hard drive
  • Too many software are installed in the system.
  • Corrupt/bloated Windows registry
  • Great number of graphical and Windows Visual effects
  • Old and outdated security software are installed in the PC.
  • Heat related issues
These are the important causes that usually can affect a system’s efficiency, performance and functionality; however there might be some other reasons such as if a particular process or task is taking too much CPU usage it can affect the speed of the PC. Nevertheless such factors are less frequent and generally do not affect the system.

Thus if you want to boost your PC speed you must ensure that your system is not affected by any of such aforementioned point or factor.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

How to clean your PC errors

Computers are very useful machines. They are required all the time be it in office, at home school or in the share market. Computers are playing a major role in everywhere. In nut shell we cannot imagine life without a computer system. It is involved in every field of life. But sometime where it fails to work or it runs slow and consequently we cannot our desired task. There are many kinds of PC errors such as windows registry problem, system related problems, hardware problem and many more and they might come due to many reasons.

There are many PC errors in any computer system. Some of the majors are:

Hardware related fault

The hardware related faults are exceptional problem in any computer/pc because no software program or fix can repair any hardware fault and also any hardware fault can affect your computer severely and you might face many performance related problem in your computer.

The only and best solution is to replace the affected portion or component in the computer with a working and compatible system.

Windows registry problems

Registry is very important and critical database in any Windows system. If this is corrupt/ bloated it affects the whole system and you might face issues such as slow pc, freezing, blue screen errors and lots more issues.

The best solution to get rid of this issue is to use a good and reliable registry cleaner or registry repair tool which is capable to fix and repair all system issues.

Computer virus/ spyware and many other malware

A virus or malware is not a PC error rather it is the source of many PC errors and affect the system performance badly. Virus can cause many problems in any computer/PC and must be removed properly in order to keep your PC and data safe.

The best solution for removing these PC infections- is to use an updated and effective security program such as an antivirus and firewall program.

System related errors

PC Errors such as BSOD, DLL errors, startup related errors etc are basically system related errors. The basic cause of these errors might be corrupt Windows registry and a virus can cause these system related errors.

Performing the system repair with the original Windows CD? DVD is the best solution for getting rid of these issues.

These were the major PC errors that usually can be found in any computer/PC. All the other problems come under these issues and if you have take away these issues your system will be must faster and data will be safe all the time.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to fix your registry problems

windows registry
Registry errors and issues related to the windows registry are now very common for all computer users. If the registry gets corrupted or cluttered it can affect the whole computer system and you may face issues such as slow performance, computer freezing, blue screen related errors and many more. However these all issues can be repaired if you choose simply the best registry cleaner program which would be able to fix all your registry problems.

Registry is the most critical and significant part of all Windows systems. It stores all the configuration settings and options about all the hardware and software that are installed in your computer. When you make any change to any associated component of the system it gets reflected or stores in the registry. While performing countless operations in your computer the registry gets affected and gradually it becomes cluttered or corrupt. The corrupt Windows registry creates many system related issues such as slow computer, freezing, slow startup and many more. However this cluttered registry can certainly be repaired with the help of a suitable and reliable windows registry repair utility.

Today we are merely focusing on the pros and corns of the windows registry cleaner software. We also will let you know how you can choose the best registry cleaner software so that it really can help you to fix registry related issues.

First of all we must ensure that what we should not expect from a windows registry repair utility so that we already know that what we are going to perform or fix with a registry cleaner program.

No registry cleaner program repairs any kind of hardware fault. We must replace the affected hardware component.

A registry repair tool cannot restore your completely damaged system. That is if your operating system has been damaged completely and its not working at all do not expect that it would spell a magic and will repair your gone system.

It can certainly speed up your computer and fixes most of the system and registry related issues but there may be certain issues it cannot fix. For an instance if you have some system files missing in the computer, it cannot install them.

These were the essential facts or points that need to be kept in mind whenever you try running or buying any registry cleaner software. Now I will let you know that how to choose the best registry cleaner program.

  • A good registry cleaner program should have following must features:
  • Effective, reliable, easy to handle/ comprehensive and should be able to address all the registry related errors.
  • A good registry repair tool must have a reliable backup system.
  • The Reliable registry repair software should not affect any other application or component in your computer.
  • It must have good technical support assistance.

Now the best way to choose the best registry cleaner program is to use its trial version. All the major software vendors provide the trial version for their software programs. You may install it and can the software and observe all the features and result of the software. Subsequently you can buy the program. In this way you will come to know what software or registry cleaner program suits for your computer.

How to increase download speed

Internet has become an integrated part of our life today. There isn’t a single area where an Internet not is not being used. It is being used in almost all aspect of life. Our daily transactions like shopping online, paying bills, means of communications etc all are serving by the internet today. In nut shell we may say that the Internet facilities have become backbone of modern life. It won’t be an overstatement that we may not imagine life without the Internet in our day. However if this core part gets slow or not performs well what it ought to be in such case it creates many problem for us. Fixing slow Internet issue is easy and needs few important things to bear in mind always. I have tried to write few of them below. I have seen there are many PC optimizer are being used by many PC users to increase their download or boost Internet connection speed.

Your browser: - Your browser is an indispensable tool that should be simply the best if you want to get the maximum speed (download and surfing the internet). If you browser is very heavy and is not able to process the things or WebPages rapidly the download or total PC speed will be very slow. So opt for a browser that is nice indeed. Google’s chrome is the best example of it.

Speed from your ISP’s end: - This is another facet of the internet connection speed. If you have tried everything else and still the speed is poor you need to contact your Internet service provider. It is because if the speed is restricted by many means from the ISP’s end it won’t be regained unless and until they rectify it.

Browsing cookies and temporary files: - Over time using the web browser it accumulates many temporary files and cookies. If these are very high in number they affect the total performance of the browser and resulting in low speed. You may simply delete these unwanted files and speedup you download speed and overall the internet connection speed. Here you can also use a good PC optimizer program to remove such unnecessary files.

Firewall programs: - Firewall programs are very essential for security purpose in your PC. They help us to protect our PCs from any external infection. However sometime few firewall programs are there that resist many entries or items from being download to your PC. In this case you may lower down the security settings of the firewall programs. This will certainly help to get better download and overall Internet speed.

Use a good antivirus or security program always: - Virus, spyware, worm, Trojan horse etc are the most dangerous security threat programs for any PC. If there is any infection in your PC it will certainly not affect the Internet speed but also may stop it and sometime harm the entire computer system. Using a good antivirus program resolves this issue officially. However I cannot ignore the fact that sometime we may need to eliminate some malicious entries manually as well. Apart from this you may also use any good PC optimizer program to remove entries from your system especially from the windows registry.

Monday, January 9, 2012

How to speed up your computer software

Slow computing has become a big issue today. If we talk about the speed of a computer system it depends on many factors. They are hardware, software and windows registry mainly. In hardware it covers many things such as Microprocessor, RAM or random access memory, micro processor and other peripherals like monitor etc. On the other hand in software category it can be further divided into two major parts. They are Operating system software and application software. The former is called heart of any computer system. We cannot run any application software unless do have a good running system or operating software. If anything goes wrong with any system software or operating system’s functionality it affects computer’s speed to any extent. In most of the case or say 70% cases it is the operating system which gets affected and causes slow computer or poor performance issue. Also whenever an infection finds in a computer it mostly affects the operating system and registry of the computer system. So the operating system needs to be saved in most.

Previous to anything else I would like to put the “hardware part” or Section on the top of world, because there is no alternate for any hardware failure at all, no registry cleaner can make your PC faster if PC’s HDD, RAM or Micro processor is not capable enough to cope up with your usages or run your application programs. Or if you are using a very poor hardware specification and want to get maximum output or speed and optimize your PC like a brand new PC, I would say “Not possible at al.” I am reminded I was working upon a PC where HDD was just 40GB it was occupied almost 90% with different programs and RAM was just 256MB. Here with this specification you can imagine to run a huge program at all and if you still try running some heavy applications like any database packages it might be Slow PC resulting in. Here with this specification you can imagine to run a huge program at all and if you still try running some heavy applications like any database packages it might be Slow PC resulting in. Here with this specification you can imagine to run a huge program at all and if you still try running some heavy applications like any database packages it might be Slow PC resulting in.In contrast all the other application software is independent from an OS and they can be uninstalled and reinstalled if they get damaged.

Friday, January 6, 2012

How to make xp startup faster

There are various possible ways to improve or increase windows XP startup rate. Few of them are easy to perform whilst some are little lengthy or contain some risks within them. Making a registry changes is one of such examples. However few of them are very positive and most feasible to perform and they give us the direct and clearly visible outcome out of these steps we perform. Here before applying any method to increase windows startup rate we need to consider what all makes a slow start up in any windows system? I would like to mention that what all needs to start a windows operating system so that it would be easier to resolve the problem. It is not good to try many things before knowing about the actual functionality of it. I have seen people are using too many speedupmypc tools to fix their Pc related or slow startup issue.

Normally whenever a windows starts it needs few basic and important entries and mainly only 3 main files to load the operating system. They are Boot.ini, NTLDR, and These 3 files are necessary essential on prima facie basis. So in this case if essential files are loaded into computer’s memory it will work, i.e. it will be started smoothly for sure. Now you may just check the startup list of any PC and you will find many such programs that are not essential at all for booting a system. Once you know the futility of these programs for starting windows you may just uncheck them from loading when a window starts. It is very easy to do. Go to Start-> Run and type msconfig-> click on Startup Tab-> Click on disable all or u can pick the applications u don’t want on startup-> (You can also disable all, it works best 'coz its windows XP).

Another thing what you can do is- to change or reduce windows Timeout time which is 30 sec by default. This can be done from the same msconfig windows i.e. Go to Start-> Run and type msconfig-> click on boot tab and alter the Timeout value from 30 till 5 sec.

I have another way to increase windows XP startup rate. Without using any or many speedupmypc programs. It is from the windows registry. Though this involves some risk in it however if you are well versed with registry you may try it. I have tried many times and so far did not find any sort of problem with any system.

I am writing the steps to go to the registry editor and change the appropriate value.

Click on start and select run ->Type in there regedit, press enter or OK.

Go to: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/SystemFileAssociations/.avi/shellex/PropertyHandler

Select the value in the right frame and hit

If the system asks for you if you're ok with deleting the value, confirm with yes

And come out of the registry editor.

Note- It is strongly suggested that please do take a backup before making any correction or change to your windows registry. This all can be done without any help from a speedupmypc software.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

How do you increase your PC Performance

fix slow pc

PC’s performance is one of the most burring issues today with almost all the PC are being used. Reasons may be vary but the outcome comes out the performance is poor or PC infected. I have experienced that in most cases infection plays a vital role to slower down any PC’s performance and infection mainly comes from the Internet. In the Internet there are plenty of infections are spreading like Viruses, spyware, Trojan horses,

In order to perform a good PC checkup to fix slow PC problem and keep your PC updated and good in performance a regular PC checkup, scanning with good antivirus and anti spyware program and a complete PC diagnostics is required to perform with the help of windows in built system tools as well as with other computer cleaner and PC diagnostics. External infection to a PC is one of the most dangerous and biggest issues windows operating Systems have been facing for last 2 decades. 80% of PC issues like Slow PC, Shutting down, freezing, BSOD, windows registry errors etc. are just too outside malicious entries that come through the Internet. An Internet at the first place seems to be the biggest issue for all PC users and this is the means which affects slow PC enormously. This means an in-depth PC checkup is very much required so that you may run your PC smoothly and like a brand new bought.

I suggest using the Internet safe browsing. Never open all the links you receive from unknown sources. I have been reading and writing quite a lot of times online, offline about the slow PC problem and how to maintain and to perform complete PC checkup, to fix PC and have got quality familiarity while reading or writing about a slow PC or about entire PC issues. I have also experienced using a Computer Cleaner or any PC health checkup tool is a good idea for very often, it clears and keeps a slow PC faster to an extent, on the other hand completely relying on any registry cleaner or cleaner program is not an intelligent solution or good decision always. I rather emphasize on using windows basic utilities including scan disc, check disc, disc cleanup sfc /scannow , and many other utilities are there. Using windows built in tools/ utilities are safer always.

An important command to increase startup rate- MSCONFIG- to unload startup entries- This is again a great command or utility where we can uncheck the items we really do not need while windows boots. Usually windows does not need all the items are listed in the startup windows. Most of them are useless as far as windows boot sequence is concerned. Also all the necessary items that windows need they are hidden from a user so that they cannot be altered by any user. So you may unselect most of the entries from this list.

From Start->Run->Type in msconfig and press OK. Now Select the Tab startup and check for the items that are not needed. A slow PC or slow startup issue can be improved just by performing these steps.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How to improve web page downloads speed

registry booster
Slow Internet connection is able to occur due to n number of factors. For a case a Virus infection in your PC, an adware entry, spyware, malware or any other malicious infection to the PC or also due to many temporary Internet files, hardware glitch Or last but never least rather first from your Internet service provider’s end. No matter what the factors are, the slow PC or slow Internet browsing is very agonizing state especially when we need it for some crucial use. And this occasion comes many times in every PC user’s life. Perhaps I am absolutely correct? Isn’t it so? Many times using various registry cleaner or other software also doesn’t make a big difference at all.

Normally if your connection is slothful from its origin i.e. from your ISP’s in such situation this cannot be improve only and they people only can rectify it. Apart from this we certainly can improve the speed and performance of the internet connection. Here an important thing to know is if your Pc is slow you cannot attain a good internet connection speed. Below few important reasons and therapies are given your may try them and feel the difference.

1. Remove temporary files from your PC-: Temporary Internet files are able to cause for slow Internet connection issue many times. Remove them all either using windows utilities such as disc cleanup etc or with the help of any good registry cleaner program.

2. Using good antivirus program reduces and removes infections-: Very traditional and strongest means of polluting a PC. If once viruses are inside your PC they are bound to harm the PC in all the way. There are some kinds of virus programs that can stop the complete operation of your PC.

Unused programs lessen your PC’s speed and performance: - A very common habit among many PC users, to install any program use it once or twice and leave it installed in the system. If you are one of them so try check your “add and remove” folder (program and features in vista and windows 7) and see the list of such programs. If you find any such programs remove them and enhance the overall speed and performance of your PC. You may also sue a good Registry Cleaner program to eliminate them.

Browsing history of browser-: If we are talking about the internet connection speed browser is an essential thing that needs to be cleaned regularly. Various kinds of cookies and temporary files get accumulated in it over time and they reduce the speed of download and normal webpage surfing speed. Removing them improve speed clearly.

Selection of the Internet browser: - One of the most important factors that decide your Internet speed. If your browser is very heavy and takes long time to load the connection speed will be directly proportional to it. If this is the case with you I suggest changing the browser. I also suggest using Google’s chrome which is simply the best among all existing browsers.

6. Test Internet connection speed-: Here another important thing or pint to note that if the connection speed is down or not sufficient from your Internet service provider’s end. It only can be rectified from their side. Sometime they may cap the connection due to certain reasons such as if you download a lot of stuff regularly etc. Contact your ISP in this case.

How to fix slow pc instantly

Although you will find varieties of means and the ways to enhance or repair slow computer problem, nevertheless the majority of the recognized problem solving methods are available effortlessly on various WebPages. I've made an effort to consist of some of the essential and the one that are not usually people perform.

End couple of background or unneeded services: - Open your task manager and look the Processor using your computer, if it's over regular there's something incorrect. There might be numerous this kind of background services inside your Computer which are usually operating while they're unnecessary constantly instead they're needed for some extremely chosen procedures so when we want them they can be called easily. Stop them all and if you’re PC faces freezing or slow PC issue it'll make an impact without a doubt.

Pagefile: - In modern os, keeping track of all Microsoft windows, software applications and several program processes forever reference memory using virtual memory addresses that are routinely translate to real (Random Access Memory) addresses by machine’s hardware part. Merely central area of the operating-system kernel eliminates and procedure without this, i.e. without this address transformation and take advantage of actual storage addresses in a straight line. This Virtual Memory is busy constantly, even if the memory obligatory by all operating procedures doesn't exceed the random memory set up in the computer. Now it’s clear that if a virtual memory is suitably high, it's going to process various procedures effortlessly and effectively. So make an effort to place it as per your RAM’s capability. Generally it is 1.5 times of your Random access memory.

Decrease some visual effects out of your Computer: - All contemporary Microsoft windows systems are extremely wealthy on graphical effects. If you lower them down that perform an impact in windows normal performance however it raises pace in windows and its matching functions. It is quite simple to execute i.e. to lessen some visual results out of your Computer. This is a beneficial measure to eliminate a slow pc problem.

Right click on computer and go to the properties windows. In XP it requires you straight to the different configurations of the pc while in windows 7 you need to select advance settings. When clicked on it, select performance tab and then click settings again. You now could see there are numerous types of configurations there. Select according to your need. I suggest if you don’t need various visual effects your can opt for the option “Choose the most effective performance”. The main difference is visible obviously.

Make use of an anti-virus software essentially- An anti-virus application retains your computer guarded and it faraway from any type of attacks. If you're not utilizing an anti-virus program that is up-to-date or working nicely, you will find probabilities which you may be trapped at any time. It's very dangerous to depart your pc with no anti-virus program. An anti virus program is a great computer help and certainly works as a great PC repair application in case your computer is infected.

Clear all temporary files and folders out of your Computer: - Utilizing a Computer constantly for long time and not clearing the temporary files, which decreases total Computers efficiency. I would recommend cleaning all of them with windows disc clean-up application or else you might try any good registry cleaner program to get rid of them.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

How to clean computer registry

The registry is the major source of all major issues in your computer system. A registry repair utility can be an option to clean and fix your corrupt windows registry. However the selection of such software is extremely important and difficult task. An approach to select such a program could be to use its trial version so that you can get an idea about the efficiency and reliability of the software.

The Windows registry is one of the most important and sensitive database within it, which saves all the configuration settings and options regarding all the hardware and software programs that are installed in the system. If any small change takes place in this setting of the hardware and software that related component either starts behaving strange or stops working completely.

Also when you install/uninstall any application from your computer some of the leftovers after uninstalling remain in the registry. Over time these items that are actually of no use start accumulating and eventually create many systems and performance related issues such as you might experience the overall slow down or the most common slow computer problem.

The windows registry is very susceptible towards all kinds or external attack or modifications, a small change may the whole system’s efficiency and functionality. Thus repairing the registry is not that easy task rather very difficult and requires great expertise. Not all PC repair utility helps here to diagnose and clean the bloated registry rather we must need a reliable and great Windows registry cleaner program to fix and repair it.

However the selection of such application/ utility is not easy rather extremely difficult task. All the available windows registry cleaner software are not very helpful to clean your corrupt registry rather sometime some of them create more issues instead of repairing them. Thus it is very important to know properly about the reliability and efficiency of the using software program.

If you are planning to buy a windows registry cleaner program, I would recommend one of the best ways to select a good registry cleaner program is to use its trial version and observe the results come from the scanning. The major software vendor nowadays provides a free trial version for a month. So this would be a great idea to use a trial version.

On the basis of the trail edition you can assess the efficiency and reliability of the software and eventually you can buy it. Always note that a good software should not have the bad consequences on your system and other installed application as well it should have the reliable backup system so that in case anything goes wrong you can reverse the changes that have been made by the registry repair tool.