Wednesday, February 29, 2012

PC Doctor : Top 5 Tips to speed up your pc

There could be many reasons if you are experiencing a slow PC problem with your machine. If your hardware is not working well, if your RAM is not sufficient, if your computer system is infected with any virus, Trojan, spyware, malware, if your registry is corrupt and many similar causes can make your system run slower. Thus if you eliminate these perforLinkmance killer factors from your machine the system will be faster automatically.

To speed up your computer you can try many tips and tools however the most essential 5 factors are mentioned below that are very important to diagnose and fix so that you really can speed up your pc.

Eliminate all viruses and infections from your computer

Computer viruses are of different kinds such as Trojan virus, spyware, malware, worm etc. They can enter into your PC by any means such as the internet or using the infected pen drive etc. These computer viruses are very dangerous for the health of your machine. They can create any kind of issue such as slow PC, computer freezing, slow startup, blue screen, many registry problems and many more issues.

If you are experiencing a slow PC issue there are huge chances that your computer is infected. Running updated security software such as antivirus, antispyware and anti malware program can fix and eliminate these issues from your computer and it can Speed up your pc.

Verify any hardware fault

If you are using any faulty piece of hardware it can slow down the performance of your system drastically. The faulty hardware not only reduces the speed and performance of a computer system but it can create more system related issues in your machine.

The best and only resolution for this problem is to replace the affected hardware piece with a working and efficient hardware component.

Upgrade your RAM

RAM or random access memory is responsible for loading the program before they execute. If your RAM is not efficient and sufficient you might experience the slow PC and other performance related issues. Upgrading the RAM is the best solution for this issue. The RAM should just double what is specified in your system requirement in order to get the best benefit from the hardware and software components.

Repair your corrupt computer registry

Windows computer registry is one of the most essential parts of the Windows systems. It is responsible for storing the configuration settings, options user profiles and preferences about your computer. If anything gets affected or gets corrupt in the computer registry it aversively affects the whole system. A slow computer problem is one of the issues can be created by the corrupt computer registry.

To overcome all the registry problems you must use run a good, reliable and effective registry repair tool which can clean all these registry problems.

Remove all unwanted and unnecessary programs

Too many unwanted programs in your computer can also affect the overall PC performance and create more issues in your system. They occupy unnecessary space in your hardware and consume lot of system resources. So just remove all such programs and speed up your pc.

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