Monday, February 20, 2012

How to protect your PC from malicious programs

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The PC security from various malware programs is necessary essential aspect for all PC users. A malware is capable enough to damage your PC to any extent and sometime it may stop all the functionalities and components of your computer. Thus this needs to be understood that how to protect your PC from various malware and other infectious programs’ attack.

First and foremost thing to do: Prevention is better than cure

Prevention of various malicious programs that attack to your system and make it run slow create slow PC and various other PC errors, damage it in many ways and create many issues, is really important and to a great extent it is possible also.

The biggest source of the infectious software is the internet. Nowadays the viruses come in various form such as spyware, Trojan hours, worm and many other malwares so while using the internet connection your system can be caught any time through any means. Thus it is essential to keep your computer under safeguard through security software.

Never open any suspicious and unknown link on the Internet. Various kinds of pop ups and other unknown links may spread the contiguous and malicious programs into your system so beware of them.

Use the best, reliable effective and most updated security software

Security software programs such as an antivirus, anti spyware, anti malware and your firewall programs are necessary essential to update regularly and run them on a periodic basis. It is the security software that helps you to protect your system from various viruses, spyware, Trojan and various other malicious programs and also help you to speed up your PC. However they should be up to date in order to combat with strong kind of virus and other malwares. In absence of a good security program your PC might create many issues such as slow PC blue screen errors, freezing and many similar issues.

So keep the security software updated all the time. Also the old and outdated security software does not help you to prevent the infections to your system rather they occupy huge memory space and consume lot of system and CPU resources and resulting in loss of speed and performance and the common slow PC issue can be occurred easily.

Clean your corrupt Windows registry

The Windows registry is the most essential repository where all the options and configuration setting, preferences and various users’ profiles are saved. Any change that takes places in your system gets reflected in the registry and it makes the registry corrupt. Subsequently the corrupt windows registry affects your whole system makes it unstable and poor in performance. Hence the windows registry needs to be protected and clean all the time.

If your registry is not clean and fine you might experience many system and other PC errors frequently. A reliable and effective registry cleaner program can help you to protect and clean your corrupt and damaged windows registry. You can opt any reliable registry cleaner program however it is little difficult to find as you will see there are various such registry repair software available online that claim to be the best however few of them are really effective. So beware of such registry cleaner programs.

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