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Pc Doctor Tips : What are Windows PC and Related issues

PC Doctor Tips

Windows is an intelligent operating system with thousands of tools, features and utilities. Since Windows 3.1 with today’s Windows 7 things have really changed. Bundles of new features have been added to your Windows system. In terms of efficiency, speed and performance the OS have also changed drastically. In the recent years the hardware has also improved and after the semi conductor invention the memory has really improved. In nut shell the Windows has completely changed especially in past 15 years.

However there are many such issues with the Windows operating system today that often affect the speed, performance and the whole system. Some of the major issues are the slow PC, computer freezing, blue screen PC errors, slow computer startup, Windows registry problems and many more issues. These all issues make your computer run slow, unstable and many other ill effects can also be seen in the system.

Some major issues in Windows OS

Slow PC

The slow PC are very common problem in all machines of Windows OS. It can be occurred due to many reasons such as hardware issue, low RAM memory, due to a virus infection and many more factors can make your PC run slow.

Computer freezing/ lock ups

This is again an alarming problem and it affects your work severely. While performing or doing any important tasks the entire operations pause and sometime it can take several minutes. This freezing also can be due to any hardware or software failure or most probably due to the corrupt Windows registry and different registry problems.

Slow Startup

Slow startup is another common issue in almost every Windows system. This problem mainly occurs due to the many software programs are listed in the Windows startup list. If you remove all the startup items it certainly helps to curb the slow PC problem and to speed up my PC to a great extent.

Virus related issues

Computer viruses are different kinds such as a spyware, Trojan, worm, and various other malwares. These all infectious items are capable to damage your PC to any extent. The slow PC, computer freezing, slow startup, and many more issues have been common from the viruses in the recent years.

To remove all kinds of viruses and other infections you must use an updated antivirus, anti spyware, and anti malware program.

Windows registry related issues

Windows Registry is one of the most essential parts in all modern Windows operating systems. It stores all the configuration settings, options, user profiles and preferences about the hardware and installed software programs in your computer system. The Windows registry is very susceptible towards all kinds of infections and attacks.

A corrupt Windows registry can create many kinds of ill effects in your computer and can hit the overall performance of the system. To overcome or repair this corrupt registry you can use a reliable and effective registry cleaner program which can clean and repair the corrupt Windows registry system.

Apart from the aforementioned issues the more common issues that can be seen in almost all Windows system are.

Memory related issues

Hardware failure

Unexpected shutting down

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