Monday, February 6, 2012

How to speed up your slow PC and slow Internet connection

A slow PC is one of the major issues for almost all PC users. This can be occurred due to various factors in your machines such as if there is any hardware failure or a computer virus, malware or if you have not ample of RAM installed in your computer system and many other similar issues.

Some of the major reasons of a slow performance and slow PC are defined below.

  1. Clear browsing cookies- If you are continuously using your Internet browser it accumulates cookies (though they also help to speedup browser in a way that these are a kind of cache in the PC while browsing the same web pages again). However a huge amount of cookies can cause slow PC or slow Internet connection. So once in a fortnight you may remove them to keep your browser fit and burden free.

  2. Clear browsing history-: If you use your Internet browser for many days or sometime even for a month (this happens with most of the PC users) all the history (the urls and websites you have visited) they all get stored in your browser’s history (Actually in your PC somewhere in a folder.). These files may also cause slow PC and in result you may experience slow PC and poor Internet connection issue.

  3. Use updated browser always-: Using an older browser may also create slow Internet connection speed sometime. There are many websites that do not open just due to enhanced features and changes of new technology (Silver light in IE versions). For an instances people using Internet explorer 6 may experience not opening issue of many new websites or if opens it is very slow. Old browsers take also greater time to synchronize with new enhanced features and takes huge amount of memory and CPU usage. Sometime due to this one may experience entire Slow PC issue. So try updating your browser and keep it updated always.

  4. Use any good antivirus and anti Spyware program to remove any infection from your PC- This is one of the most prominent reasons behind all PC’s performance and speed and causes may problems in PCs, that is a Virus, Malware or Adware entry in your computer.Any infection in your PC such as Virus, Malware or Adware entries present in the system affect entire PC’s speed and it causes a Slow PC, poor performing and of course slow browsing as well.

  5. Resisting you from a fast and speedy internet connection and configure your firewall setting manually so that it will be a safer way either ways.

  6. Test your Internet connection with any reliable speed tester website-: Test your Internet connection with the help of any good speed testing website because it is possible that your browser or there is no slow PC issue in your computer but it is the speed from your ISP end that is not high.

  7. Change your existing browser in case it does freeze or does not work-: Changing browser is also one of the options if slow Internet persists. Personally I would suggest for Google’s new browser Google Chrome; it is faster than any other browser currently available in the market.

  8. Remove temporary Internet files in a regular interval-: Temporary Internet files not only can cause slow browsing issue but it may also create slow PC issue as we. Removing them is advisable after a certain interval.

  9. Contact your ISP if any of the above steps don’t work-: In case there is a cap (a sort of restriction from your ISP’s end) has been put from your ISP’s end it may also reduce your Internet connection speed and slow PC or slow connection issue can be occurred. In this case you may contact to your Internet service provider.

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